Favorite Crowdfunding Elements!

(Alicia Carroll) #1

Hey party people!

Launching our crowdfunding campaign on Valentine’s Day and we have a lot of fun stuff planned! We are doing one last round of 'surveying to see if you have any favorite campaign tricks that you’ve seen! Any cool graphics, fun perks, or team challenges/games that kept you engaged and/or made you want to donate? We want to explore every option before finalizing our marketing plan!

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(Bri Castellini) #2

I’m a fan of ultra-personalized and ultra-silly perks, like photoshopping the donor into a thematically-related image, as well as access to supplemental content that no one else gets

(Emma Drewry) #3

we made a custom cocktail book with drinks based on our characters that was super fun & pretty popular-- friends of actors in the project bought the perk so they could drink their friend’s cocktail

(Alicia Carroll) #4

that’s a great idea!