Feedback on 4K 2160 Export of Flagon

Hey guys, I’ve been working on “remastering” my show Flagon for some time and finally finished the first episode (minus a few QC-related things). Just wanted to get some eyeballs on this to see how it plays/scales for you guys based on screen size.

Here’s the unlisted YT link:
Here’s the file on Dropbox:

I exported this through Premiere Pro using the h.264 codec, so there’s a decent amount of compression on this. The colors are a little hot on my TV, but are really crisp on my computer. Anyone here have a 4K tv by any chance or know someone who could see how it looks?


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My biggest screen is just my laptop- will that be helpful to you at all?

Sure. Would be curious how noticeable the change is from the different versions on youtube. You should be able to select anywhere from 720p to 2160p in the settings icon.

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Also, scale is kind of what I’m trying to look into, from the smallest screens to the largest. 2160p 4K “should be” awesome up to 4K tvs and some projectors. So laptops are just as useful in my research. Especially different internet connections and how they handle the YT link. Since everything is so compressed, I’m curious where things break down.

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4K YouTube version:

Previous YouTube version:

It’s definitely sharpened (and looks great!), but on a computer screen I think the difference is gonna be pretty minor.

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Are the colors a little more saturated now, as well? It looks more colorful (which I very much dig)

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It’s hard to tell for me if they are more saturated or not. They seem to be, but that could just be because in a lot of shots the 4K allowed me to go for a wider shot, which could have something to do with it. It’s tougher with changes like these that are a bit more iterative in nature.

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Well even looking at the girl with the staff’s hair- it’s more purple in the new one, and the chairs at the bar seem redder.

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My monitor is 3440 x 1440 and youtube seems to cap playback to 1440.

It looks really good though. And doesn’t buffer.

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Oh interesting! I wonder if those limitations are based on internet speed? Like maybe YouTube lowers the max you can do if your internet doesn’t allow it? Curious!

Nice that it seems to still maintain good quality at lower resolutions, though!

I’ve noticed this before, it seems that safari limits the playback to my screen resolution. I checked it in Chrome I can set it to 4k.

I’m not sure there is any real difference since my monitor is only displaying 1440 lines.

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I dunno nothing about anything, but it looks good on my computer.


Apart from a few “remade” special effects the changes are largely iterative so as long as it “looks good” I’m happy with it. With the new XBOX ONE X and the PS4 PRO and the uptick in 4K and UHD televisions I want to make sure this show can make the jump and still look good on the bigger screens.