Feedback on the new Locked Episodes feature

@CommunityMVPs - we just launched a new feature this morning, letting you put your episodes behind paid monthly subscriptions. Any early feedback? Thoughts on what you like? Don’t like? How can we improve it?

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It’s a little confusing that there’s an indication of a dropdown menu but you can’t actually click to change the sharing permissions until you click to edit the episode overall. If you can’t change the sharing permissions outside of editing the episode metadata, it shouldn’t look like an editable/changeable field

Otherwise, can’t wait to have a new web series to use this on!

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Good point - I agree this could be a bit more clear. Thanks!

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@john I just added a new episode to one of the shows I manage. Usually, the episodes order themselves by episode number, but at first, episode 4 (which I was adding) appeared after the trailer and before episodes 1, 2, and 3 in that order. So it went Trailer, 4, 1, 2, 3. Then when I went to drag it into the order I wanted, I got this error:

It appears correctly on the edit-show page now, but is appearing incorrectly on the page itself. Also, what’s up with the arrows and formatting here? (this series does not have Enrich set up, fyi)

Edit: after changing some other stuff, it appears to be letting me order episodes myself again, but the auto ordering is still bananas

Also, did the star/ highlighted episode option go away? How do I indicate which episode I want to be the big thumbnail now?

Also x2, the option to choose an audience for an episode shouldn’t appear for pages without Enrich set up. Again, there’s an indication of a dropdown menu you can’t actually click/interact with, or learn what it means/why you should want Enrich

Also, in edit-show, this is how a trailer is labeled in the list, which is confusing

It also keeps trying to label the trailer episode 2 (no season)- every time I go back to edit-episodes to check something it has auto-filled “episode 2” on this file

Edit: I tried to fix the weird episode 2 label that kept appearing by saving the trailer as “season 1” but then when I refreshed the page it had added “episode 5” by itself