Female Filmmaker Friday Questions

(Kate Hackett) #1

Anybody have any FFF questions? Prepping the next batch!

(Bri Castellini) #2

Are there areas of the industry/your career you’d want people to focus on? Things you don’t talk about a ton?

(Blair Hunter) #3

Do you have any tips/tricks for directing yourself as an actor? And how to balance wearing lots of hats when you don’t have the network or resources for a full team where you can toally delegate?

(Blair Hunter) #4


(Rayne M) #5

How do you meet people with money or influence or power in the industry ? Everyone I know is broke and everyone I meet at networking events and parties is at my same level. I feel like I can’t move past the stair level I’m on right now no matter how many events I attend or how many classes I try to take

(Kate Hackett) #6

Nah - anything is fair game.