(Kate Hackett) #1


I’m going to be trying something new with #femalefilmmakerfriday this week. If you have topics you’d like to learn about, questions you’d like answered, about filmmaking/The Biz, please send them on over.

(sam lockie-waring) #2

are there particular things you’d rather talk about/rather we ask about? i’ll be honest- i don’t know much of your work. just kate and joe on seeka

(Meg Carroway) #3

Have you ever been on set or on a production as a producer/writer/creator (anything more than/in addition to being an actress) where you had to deal with someone not respecting your authority/leadership position? How did you confront that/deal with that?

You always have a very tough love kind of vibe when it comes to answering questions on here… is that something you’ve always had, or did you start your independent filmmaking experience a little… softer? Softer isn’t the right word lol but I think you get what I mean. Like, did your tough love approach evolve from experience, or was it always your outlook?

What do you attribute to your success on Patreon? Particular perks that sell really well, constantly linking to it, or what?

Do you have representation? For what- acting, writing? How did you get it?

If a person isn’t in LA but wants to get into the film industry, how necessary is LA? What can they do to network and hone their skills without COMPLETELY taking advantage of their friends and family?

(Bri Castellini) #4

Ooo these are great! Adding to this: what are film roles you’ll never leave out on your future sets? Perhaps because you’ve had to work without them before, etc. (things like HMU, production design, AD, line producer, etc etc. Anything beyond director/producer/DP basically)

(Marc L) #5
  1. What are some things you wish more, or perhaps less, casting directors would do for actors?
  2. What is the most frustrating and most rewarding part about being an actor?
  3. Do you think there is a future as an actor in digital projects such as web series or sketches or YouTubing?

(Kate Hackett) #6

These are awesome, thank you! Keep 'em coming – I’m making a big ol list & this is great fodder for weeks, months!, of what I have planned.

(Kate Hackett) #7

I’ll answer this right here right now:

That’s me.

I’m an East Coast New-Yorker-Dad Irish Catholic who grew up doing musical theater. Your shit’s together or someone else is taking your spot.

(Meg Carroway) #8

LOL fair enough!! So based on that, my question is… Have you run into issues with old school people (men specifically) in the industry because of that? How have you dealt with that?

(William E. Spear) #9

I’m in pre-production for season one of a three season. series. As written, all roles are female. I think season one, at the very least, should be directed by a female. Your thoughts on finding a director would be appreciated. Best, . . .

(Kate Hackett) #10

Hey guys, first video is up –

Each Friday, I will be tackling one topic or answering some questions about working as a woman in the industry (and just about the industry as a whole) on Patreon. That weekly post (video, chat, blog, whatever it is) will ALWAYS be exclusive to Patrons – except.
Once a month, I will be posting a vlog to my YouTube channel that will be for everyone, public. Patrons (patreon.com/katehackett) will, of course, get that video early.
So to recap: once a week, Patrons-only get access to #FemaleFilmmakerFriday content. Once a month, everybody does!
Your first one is up now— https://youtu.be/qlAqHAh_2AI

(Kate Hackett) #11

Hey y’all, just a head’s up - this week’s #femalefilmmakerfriday topic is BUDGETING. :dollar: It’s exclusive for Patreon supporters only, but at any level. Come try it out for a month and see if you like it.