Festivals for newbies?

(Tyler Meacham) #1

Just read another thread similar to this, but I guess a more specific question I have is what are some good festivals to submit to if you’re a first-timer (as in first time submitting)?

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #2

Hi Tyler! What genre is your series? A lot of the festivals have their own criteria on what kind of series they’re looking for (genre, short/long format, etc.). Most have genre categories and some focus on a specific genre. Knowing a little bit more about your series will help.

What is your series about?
How many episodes have you made?
Average duration per episode.
Are you a student?

(Tyler Meacham) #3

Rapid fire answers!
Genre: Teen Drama (with funny moments, so could go either way)
About: "When Thad’s depression leads to a lunch table eviction, the school library is the last place he thought he’d find a friend, and he certainly never thought that friend would be neurotic perfectionist Bea Nixon. Library Freaks is a candid story about getting past surface level with mental illness."
Avg duration: ~6 minutes
Student: Sadly no (I miss college)

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #4

Woo hoo Teen Drama!!! We are too!!!

I know most web fests look for 3 episode minimum and would like to see them online. That’s a requirement for most web fests. They rarely make exceptions on that. I’ve yet to find a fest focused on teen web series specifically, but if you do let me know. :wink: Any type of fest focused on mental illness awareness would probably help too. Perhaps @Bri_Castellini would know more about that?

6 min is great! Not too long not too short so you shouldn’t haven’t a problem staying under the max.

Uhh yeah I miss being in college too! <3

Some fests I dealt with and enjoyed are:
Miami Web Fest
NYC Web Fest
Rio Web Fest

There won’t be any web fests specifically for ‘newbies’ nowadays unless you are a student. :confused: Film fests are also an option but normally only have one web fest category so can get super competitive. I never had any luck with those but maybe someone else on here has!

(Bri Castellini) #5

tbh I’m looking for mental illness awareness fests too right now!! But here’s a few Stareable resources on festivals:


And also… definitely check out Stareable Fest ! It’s our first year so it’s great for first timers (as well as old timers… basically everyone should be submitting!!)

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #6

One thing I always hate seeing are festivals where one episode must be a premiere. How does one go about making sure an episode is a premiere when you’re on a regular release schedule?

(Tyler Meacham) #7

Haha awesome. It’s good to have a few places to start – thanks!

(William E. Spear) #8

First off, LIBRARY FREAKS is funny and poignant. Kudos to everyone involved. Secondly, Film Freeway is a superb site for open ended festival searches. There is a means to search for festivals which include, as well as focus on, web series. There are also other citeria such as submission fees and so on.

Lastly, please accept wishes for success with LIBRARY FREAKS.

(William E. Spear) #9

Tyler - Please accept compliments on LIBRARY FREAKS. The finale was a magnificently endearing series. Kudos!