Festivals for Promotion

(Ray Robinson) #1

Has anyone set up a vendor booth at a festival to promote their series? Was it worth it?

Here in Louisville, we have an annual festival to celebrate Hunter S. Thompson and his influence called Gonzofest. I went a couple of years ago for a political cause, and it was a great vibe. And since vendor booths are only $50, it promises to be a good ROI for networking and just making people aware of what we’re doing.

(Bri Castellini) #2

I think @hermdelica and @OSTSG have done vendor booth like things, not at film festivals but at conventions. Anything to add?

(Herman Wang) #3

We always have plenty of promo postcards on hand so people will still remember us after seeing hundreds of different things at any given con

(Melissa Malone) #4

Us too! Postcards are a great way for people to remember you again later. Additionally, we bring an iPad to let people sign up for our newsletter.

Our biggest hit has always been a prize wheel. People literally stop just so they can spin it- we put swag items on there (lollipops with stickers, pencils, wristbands, etc). It gives us a great chance to tell them a little about who we are and peak their interest in the series. :slight_smile:


(Bri Castellini) #5

I love this!!

(Ray Robinson) #6

Big help! I’m probably going offer Season 1 on DVD in a drawing for email addys.

Since this next week, I’m on a time crunch on putting this together. Recommendations on the must-haves? I’m seeing postcards and a banner in my future for certain.

(Herman Wang) #7

We also set up a monitor running the episodes on loop, so people can see the kind of production value we have.

(Melissa Malone) #8

A raffle basket is never a bad idea, either. You could put the Season 1 DVD in there with some candy, popcorn, etc. We use Vistaprint for a lot of our swag, including post cards. Envelope seals work as circle stickers we put on lollipops we buy from Party City (or somewhere similar). We also get personalized pencils through Oriental Trading with our website address and buttons (people love buttons) from JustButtons.org. Not sure how possible it is to get any of this by next week but there’s probably a fast shipping option!

(Bri Castellini) #9

Before you do DVDs, consider this thread: DVD manufacturing recommendations

(Melissa Malone) #10

Oh! Additionally- something that doesn’t cost anything and we print at home is free MP3 downloads of our theme song (music from the soundtrack would work also). Just create a password protected site and put the link on the paper, etc. :slight_smile:

(Herman Wang) #11

A QR code also works nicely for linking

(Melissa Malone) #12

Great idea! You’re so fancy! I need to get on that. lol