Film Festivals for Web Series?

(Sophia Gutchinov) #1

What are the best film festival to submit my web series to?

(Herman Wang) #2

The Web Series World Cup has a lot of top-quality festivals in its list. It’s a little late for this year, as some have already passed deadlines, but you can look out for the 2020 list :slight_smile:

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(Bri Castellini) #3

Tagging NYC-ers @Pablo and @frecklysoprano1 and @avincie and @jonathankyall!

(Jaime Lancaster) #4

Are you looking for festivals in specific areas, or just any old good festivals? Obvious Stareable Fest plug if you haven’t looked there ye :wink:

(Bri Castellini) #5

And submissions directly can be found:!

try using the code StareableCommunity for a discount :wink:

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(Pablo Andreu) #6

I can’t say best since I don’t have enough experience with festivals, but I’ll share my experience:

  • Brooklyn Web Fest: They had solid programming and were well-organized. I had a good time both times I went. I didn’t see anything this past cycle. I think they may have closed up shop.

  • NYC Web Fest: The organizers were responsive and really nice, but they weren’t super organized. Having said that, I believe when I submitted it was their first or second season, so they might’ve ironed out some of the kinks by now. Also, the awards show, in site of some tech difficulties, was a lot of fun.

  • Stareable Fest: This is going to sound like I’m sucking up, but, honestly, I think Stareable Fest was fantastic, especially when you consider that was their first attempt at a festival (I worked at an awards show for five years, so I know how unlikely a feat that is). The programming was solid, the event was well-organized, and the presenters were quality (and accessible). It was a great networking opportunity and a lot of fun. If they managed that on their first attempt, I can’t wait to see what they do on their next attempt.

I’ve heard great things about ITV Fest, NYTVF, Just For Laughs and Toronto Web Fest, but I can’t speak from personal experience.

Hope this helps!


(Bri Castellini) #7

Brooklyn web fest is over :frowning:

(Pablo Andreu) #8

That’s too bad.

(Herman Wang) #9

I’ve been to Toronto WebFest (and so has Bri) - it’s a solid festival

(Bri Castellini) #10

@sgutchinov the regular Stareable Fest deadline is March 31st, and the late deadline is April 30th! All of that you can find in this link-

(Arthur Vincie) #11

Oh jeez I’m sorry I’m late to the party here. Here’s fests that I’ve had a good experience with:

  • Hollyweb
  • StareableFest (duh)
  • UK Webfest
  • T.O. Webfest
  • Art of Brooklyn (they prefer premieres) -OR- IndieBOOM! (online specific, and while I used to be skeptical of online only they do a good job of getting the word out and getting the piece seen)
  • Katra Film Series - I had some trepidation going into this but it turned out to be a good experience

Non-web-specific fests:

  • Shriekfest - for sci-fi/horror/fantasy
  • Nevermore - for sci-fi/horror/fantasy
  • Boston Sci-Fi
  • Phoenix Film Festival
  • Tribeca (hard to get into - note that I’ve worked for them and also worked on films that have gotten in). I don’t really get their webseries “premiere” requirement and hope that that’s changed

If you’ve made something that’s genre-specific (sci-fi/horror/fantasy), I’d also look into applying to cons. I had great experiences at the cons - the projection systems varied tremendously from terrible to great, but the audience is terrific (I had a couple of Q&As go on almost as long as the film).

(Mika Marcovitz) #12

Thanks, Arthur!
(And Bri, as always!)

Mika Gill
The Grey Matter Archives

(Carlo Delmar) #13

Some of the film festivals in the USA that happen at cons are:

I can add more to this list, but this reply is getting long.

The Imaginarium Comic Con Film Festival (unrelated to the Imaginarium Convention Film Festival listed above) is a traveling film festival that shows its movies at a few different cons. This year they are screening at Wisconsin Comic Con, Atlanta Comic Con, Tampa Bay Comic Con, Michigan Comic Con, and Indiana Comic Con.

(Ian David Diaz) #14

Good list shame this wasn’t displayed at the top of this year I could have entered a few. Thanks for the info Carlo.

(John Helde) #15

Seattle International Film Festival is a well-respected regional fest, a general fest, but in the last couple years they have created a specific thread for Episodics within their ShortsFest weekend. We screened our pilot for CUDDLE in an episodic package that was really strong and brought in a number of filmmakers from around the country.

(Herman Wang) #16

Wasn’t that as a result of absorbing Seattle Web Fest?

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(John Helde) #17

Yes, that’s right.

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