FilmFreeway: Difference in profile between series and short film

In a previous conversation a creator mentioned that he posted his series on Film Freeway both as a short film (single episode) or a web series. I’m curious: What about your project postings is different?

For the series: Do you put in a compilation of all your episodes for the video?

How do you mention it’s a longer series? There only seems to be room for a director statement and a few other things.

Do you get a different poster for the short film and the web series?

I have our pilot episode as a “short film” project in FF, because the story stands on its own reasonably well. In the supporting text for the project, I mention it’s a pilot maybe once. It’s intended for festivals that only want shorts, so they don’t get the wrong mindset from seeing the “series” version of the FF project. The poster is the same artwork, but the text differs slightly from the series version.

For the series projects, I join 3 episodes together max for the viewing file. If a festival wants to see more, they’ll ask for it separately in their submission form. In my experience, most festivals want to see 2-3 episodes, with only a few that consider an entire season.

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