FILMMAKERNG LIKE A BOSS : The Most Important Production Rule

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Hello, I’m Thomas Tulak, and this is Filmmakering Like A Boss, a micro column about how to Filmmaker Like A Boss!

When it comes to Filmmaking there are several rules, but for the most part the rules can be thought of as more like guidelines.

There is one rule, however, that not following will hurt your project in the long run.

I’m talking about the 180 degree rule.

This rule is fairly simple, but describing it in text can get a little confusing, so for this week’s Filmmakering Like A Boss I’m going to direct you to the video series of the same name.

In the video below I explain the 180 degree rule, and why you should be adhering to it in your productions.

Thank you for reading this week’s Filmmakering Like A Boss.

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-Thomas Tulak

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