(Graham Taylor) #1

What FPS do you guys film at?
Do you compensate your cast and crew in any way?

(Herman Wang) #2

I prefer 24FPS as it looks more cinematic to me.

Pay your cast and crew the most you can reasonably afford (I realize for some this is zero). I’ve found that paying creates peace of mind, since it reduces people suddenly deciding that something else is more worth their while.

(Graham Taylor) #3

Thank you. i know the industry standard is 24 fps, and Peter Jackson exceeded that for the Hobbit with 48 fps. So, I was wondering which was best

(Herman Wang) #4

When I first started, I had the “bigger number is better” mentality. But really, unless you’re doing slow-motion or detailed CGI, 24FPS will be fine.

Also keep in mind that 48 will immediately double your storage requirements :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #5

On the second thing, check out @ghettonerdgirl’s great article! What To Do When You Can't Pay Cast & Crew

(Ian David Diaz) #6

25 because I live in the UK.