First Funded Project - Some Questions

(Jon Sosis) #1


So you guys were super helpful in my insurance question last week, figured it was a good spot to post my next one…

I’m being given a little budget for this new web series we’re in pre-production for so we’re going to be paying our cast, but because it’s money from a corporation, I’m going to have to do the whole tax thing that comes with the territory.

1- Do you guys use a payment/invoice company for paying your talent/crew? If so, any recommendations?

2- Since we have a tiny budget, was wondering if anyone had recommendations on a budget gaffer. We usually use natural lighting but would like to put a little towards someone to handle that for us.

Thanks as always!


(Bri Castellini) #2

Another good one for @Jeanette_Bonner and @HackettKate.

I also do have a gaffer I could put you in touch with here in NYC! I’m not sure her usual day rate because we worked together on some no-budgets but she’s amazing.

(Jeanette Bonner) #3

@Bri_Castellini Can’t find this thread - who needs a gaffer rec?

(Bri Castellini) #4

Weird that you can’t see the post, @Jeanette_Bonner! Here’s the question I was tagging you in specifically :slight_smile:

(Jeanette Bonner) #5

@JonSosis That sounds complicated! I think the corporation just needs a trail of where they spent their $ for their own tax purposes. I would set up a Fractured Atlas account and have the donation you receive funnel through that. Then it’s all clean and accounted for. As for how you pay people, you only need to issue 1099s if you pay someone more than $600. If you are low budget I would avoid payroll if you can as it’s a pain in the rear and will cost you some money as well. For all the low budget projects I’ve worked on I’ve either paid cash and received a IC invoice or used PayPal so I can print receipts. Hope that helps!

(Jon Sosis) #6

Hey Jeanette! Super helpful.

So the corporation would essentially be hiring my production company as an IC so I hope that’s a smooth process.

As for the PayPal/Invoice, that sounds simple enough. I thought for tax purposes I’d need to do more than that, but yeah it’ll definitely be less than $600 so that’s perfect.

Do you have a production company under an LLC? Probably needing to set that up and going with that vs. Sole Proprietorship.

Thanks again!


(Jon Sosis) #7

Hey! Can you put me in touch with the gaffer you use? We have a few interior scenes we’d need her for on 6/23 if she’s available and love female crew.

(Bri Castellini) #8

Sure! Just send me an email with the basic details and I’ll CC intro her on the reply

(Jeanette Bonner) #9

@JonSosis I do. Feel free to email me about it separately & I can answer any questions you may have. ! :slight_smile: