First Timers Festivals

(Ray Robinson) #1

If we stay on track, Deliver Me should start dropping episodes in July or August. At that point I’ll be ready to submit our show to festivals.

Being self-funded with very limited funds, and new to the process, what are your recommendations of festivals to which I should submit? I’ve found the immense list on here, but I want to pick my battles for this first season.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #2

Hi @Deliver_Me_show ! My suggestion to you is to start with local and/or web series focused festivals. Your chances of getting in are higher with those. The fees can get high not to mention you’ll also have to save money to travel to said festival once you get selected. That can really be a kick in the wallet, but it’s worth it to go to make connections. I hope this helps!

(Herman Wang) #3

In case you don’t already know about it, FilmFreeway is pretty much the go-to for festival searches and submissions.

(Bri Castellini) #4

From this article

(Erica) #5

I agree with what @ghettonerdgirl said in terms of web festivals. And I would definitely submit to some local festivals, so that you have the opportunity to attend some festivals at minimal expense. Having said that, I’d strategically pick festivals around the world to submit to, as that will gain greater exposure and attract in new audiences to your series. We recently won Best Documentary at a film festival in Romania, and as a result, have seen a spike in our web traffic coming from Romania.

Also filmmakers don’t go to all the film festivals that their films get accepted into. I was shocked at Vancouver Web Fest when I realized that so many people seemed to think that was the norm. It’s not. Don’t get me wrong, it would be lovely to go to all the festivals you get accepted into, but if you are going to have the time and the finances to be making your future projects, you can’t go to them all, even if your series is going.

(William E. Spear) #6

Hello Ray @Deliver_Me_show - Congratulations on the progress with DELIVER ME. @ghettonerdgirl and @EricaHargreave made points that seem on track. For me, in addition to their points, I’ve also looked for opportunities aligned with other professional interests such as playwriting and feature length scripts. Also, there may be opportunities specific to your series’ content. For example, our series titled HOURS is about Lyme disease so any festivals with that focus or public health issues will be considered; having said that, I’ll let my ego have at least one submission. Lastly, I seem to remember the folks at LIBRARY FREAKS considered festivals with mental health in their submission strategy. In any event, best of luck.

(Herman Wang) #7

Another thing I just thought of: avoid online-only festivals if you’re just starting out. They’re cheaper in that there’s no travel costs involved but you won’t get much out of them either, especially concerning networking. At most you get laurels you can put on a poster.