Fishing for Follows: How to Make Your Socials Sing (Part Two!)

(Alicia Carroll) #1

Welcome back!

So last week we talked about what to do in the early stages of your show to help plan your insta-game. What about when you’re in production? In this post, we’ll cover Production through distribution, and a few last minute tips for any social media maven.


So you’re making the thing! Congrats! Now is a great time to start breaking out that BTS of yours. Cast Photoshoots, Promo art, cast announcements, stills, have fun with it! Make sure someone on set has the dedicated task of taking SO MANY PHOTOS. You’ll need them for Phase 3. Production is a busy time, but make sure to prep your socials in advance. No empty captions here. Do your due diligence to…

  1. Choose a show hashtag, make sure your crew knows about it and use it.

  2. Find hashtags in your content area (demons, rom coms, workplaces etc)

  3. Find hashtags in your community (#losanges, #webseries, #stareable #clownuniversity etc)

  4. Get the social media handles of your cast and crew ahead of time, to make tagging easy.

But what if you don’t want your account to be ALL production photos? Here are some accounts to take inspiration from:

The Checkerboard Method:


Alternate! Adulting integrates character quotes, production stills and BTS. But keeps it looking cohesive with the checkerboard look.

Color Method:

Color can go a long way! Does your series take place in the 1970s? Put a film grain and sepia tint on your BTS photos. Does it take place at a nightclub? Neon and Glitter - put it everywhere. You get the picture. Here are some cool examples on how color or cohesive elements can tie everything together:


Stills, Stills, Stills! Teenagers focuses a massive amount of their instagram to their cast (amazing by the way). Cast announcements, cast profiles, stills from episodes… this might as well be a tumblr because it’s a fandom account! Their whole show concept IS their characters, that’s what hooks you, and their instagram shows that. Their grid showcases the color and mood of their show as well.



Bright and fun - comedy 101. Everytime I look at these accounts I want candy or pie. Color method really just relies on the vibe and color scheme of your series. To keep it consistent, make sure you have a logo, font, brand colors, and templates for certain types of posts (episode announcements, press, etc) and hit the ground running!

Content Method:

Blank My Life

Blank My life involves new beginnings, someone leaving New York and starting over. They did a fun “Reasons to leave NY” series. Their content strategy integrates their story with a general topic larger audiences can gravitate toward. As an ex-New Yorker. I follow the account for fun NY jokes as well as keeping up with a cool show!


Avoid the lull! It’s important to keep your social channels up even if nothing major is going on. We’re battling algorithms here, people, and the facebook tech wizards like content. Remember those photos I told you to take on set? Now’s the time to use them. Get creative, make promo videos, pull quotes from scripts, post BTS, bank content to bridge your account from production to release.

When you’re gearing up for release (or crowdfunding campaign), it’s press time! A key element of press is driving traffic to those articles when they’re released. Update the link in your bio, and post clips from the pieces on your insta as well! “But press is words! No one wants to see that!” Yes they do. And you can make it pretty for them. Like this:

But what about video?

By all means, post videos! Promos, BTS, clips from footage you’ve shot. Get people excited and be creative! I once ran social for NYTVF and the best thing my college self ever created was this Pivot TV remix for the instagram

Some other ideas are:

Post Video loops like OTL
Clips like Blank My Life
Photosets like Twenty
Crew Intros like Fishing
Promos like Teenagers
And of course utilize the power of video on your insta story as well!

Okay now for some cardinal rules:

  1. Take photos and videos of literally everything during your production process. You never know when they’ll come in handy.
  2. Always tag your cast and crew!
  3. Never leave a caption empty! Use hashtags and keywords to help your posts get seen by people outside of your immediate network.
  4. Don’t be afraid to have action items on instagram (a majority of our crowdfunding traffic comes from click-throughs in insta!)
  5. Customize and shorten lengthy URLs when possible ( is helpful for this!)
  6. Have fun with it!

Those are my 2 cents on the matter. Hope it sparked some ideas for your series! If you have any ideas to add, sound off in the comments!

For those of you who want more specific step-by-step on social media for your series, our crowdfunding campaign is running a specialty perk for this week only with a full Fishing The Series How-To Guide. We have an EBook explaining our process thus far, and when the season is shot and released, we’ll send you EVERYTHING. Our Agreement Templates, budgets, scripts, social media calendar, design how-tos, testimonials from crew and other creators, plus explanations every step of the way. A perfect companion to Stareable Film School! We want to use what we’ve learned to help you make your series. The perk ends on Friday, March 1st.

Keep making your show!