Flan And Puzzles: The Biggest Mental Shift You Need To Make If You Want To Succeed As A Series Creator

Saying that getting your web series or digital film made and sold is hard, is like saying there is such a thing as good flan. It isn’t and there isn’t. So, knowing that is a given (the filmmaking part, not the flan part), what makes it that way? And if we know what makes ithard, what can we do about it as creators?

A filmmaker’s life, on a good day, is about solving a never-ending stream of problems. The characteristic that separates working (money making) series creators from failed ones is their ability to fall in love with that problem-solving process instead of either running from it or simply looking for a quick solution. Simply tolerating the problem-solving process is a quick way to build your own disappointment machine. It soon becomes a task to be avoided because gets immediately associated with stress. Stress triggers our brain’s flight mechanism and we soon find ourselves doing anything but that stressful activity.

So the problem-solving process IS the process of building a long-term web series/filmmaking career. It can’t simply be dealt with, ignored or hastily worked through. It has to become one of the main reasons you continue to do this job.

So how do you shift from trudge to filmmaking fulfillment? The following are some key mindset adjustors I use to turbo-inject joy into my problem-solving process. Because becoming a proficient problem-solver is the difference between winning and losing in the web series game. Of all the things that have kept me working over the years and built trust with buyers, it’s my ability to troubleshoot whatever problems arise and turn them into opportunities.

Key Mindset Shifts:

• Problems are not problems, they are merely puzzles to be solved. This makes each problem a game rather than a weight to be carried.

• There is no such thing as failure. There is only success and learning. Failure is merely an event that produces data and data leads right back to success.

• Looking at all your problems as a single mountain creates an Everest for you to climb. Taken individually, your problems are only pebbles that can easily be stepped over.

Every morning, just before I dive into my work day, I try to sit quietly and set my intention for the day… a little theme to live by just for today. And my one constant is thanking the universe for the problems I get to solve today. Try it. I assure you, you’ll shift from uncertainty to joy… and isn’t this why we do this? To bring joy to ourselves and the people who get to watch our work.