Forum changes soon... I need your thoughts!

(Bri Castellini) #1

Hey folks! We’re looking to make some changes around here in service of my evolving obligations outside of the forum and in service of making it easier to use for newcomers. We don’t want to change anything without your opinions, though, so tell me:

1. Why is this community/forum important to you?

2. What are you currently NOT getting from this community/forum?

3. In an ideal world, what would make this platform easier to navigate?

All thoughts welcome!

Also… how did you find this forum?

  • Stareable blog post (on Medium)
  • Stareable blog post (on this forum)
  • Social media (please specify)
  • Word of mouth from friend/collaborator
  • Word of mouth from Stareable staff
  • Other (please specify)

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(Bri Castellini) #2

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(Jonathan Kaplan) #3

This forum is important to me because it is a way to easily contact and communicate with my peers who are actively making their webseries, and who I can directly learn from and find advice. I am always learning from everyone here and truly value that this is here for us.

I dont think there is anything I reached out for that I didn’t get. I only posted for job board a couple times and it was in the infancy of this board. I admit to both not posting on it enough and having an existential attitude toward posting on forums.

I think this forum is ‘inside baseball’ for the creators and is not as much ‘fans fanning out’, which I think we all wish we could find/exploit to create more audiences.

Navigation wise, I liked how this forum displays and always got my notifications etc. I think the way the forum works is cool.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #4

So, I’ve become a huge fan of this forum software. It’s clean, and intuitive and I can use it on my phone’s browser. Really nice! I think the thing I’m not getting from the forum is an area to not talk shop. Everything here is so much about the hustle and about webseries (rightfully so), and sometimes I get a bit burned out on talking about “the job.” Thing is, I like talking to everyone here, so having a section to dork out about video games, or to discuss the latest movie would keep me coming back when I don’t necessarily feel like talking about my process.

Now, if that’s already here and I’ve missed it, rock on. A little sleep deprived over here so…

(Jonathan Hardesty) #5

Honestly, I just want an excuse to not use FB or twitter anymore, but still have a community of people online to hang out with and make art and critical analysis with. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ron Valderrama) #6

I can’t always get on but it usually provides a good convo.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #7
  1. This is important because it’s a place where I can talk to other creators and get several opinions before making a decision regarding my webseries and/or filmmaking process.

  2. However, I need to build my audience elsewhere.

  3. Linking the community page to the web series page.

(William E. Spear) #8

The forum has jump started my knowledge of, and confidence in my ability to create episodic, content. Several times an individual has posted a comment that I’ve added to my endeavors; this seems most frequently in the pre-production area. Also, the range of discussions has also been useful. All in all, for purposes specific to web series and fillmaking in general, the forum has been a strong resource. PS - I learned of the forum by firdt reading Bri’s post on contracts on another site.

(Bri Castellini) #9

Pushing this back up to the top of the front page- if you like this community please help us improve it and make sure we’re doing so with you in mind!

(Eric Brown) #10

I’m new the community, but it seems to be an active, vibrant place full of passionate filmmakers. It’s easy to navigate and is well moderated. I love the range of content and the helpful responses by participants. Because I haven’t had a lot of time here yet, I don’t have any constructive criticism, only words of praise.

(Kate Caplis) #11

New to the site so just beginning to work with the layout of the site.

I agree with @ghettonerdgirl with linking the community page to the web series page. (I had to sign in again to access the series page?) Very helpful when wanting to watch a series that one is talking about. I have found so many great series at this site which is really hard to do just searching the internet, vimeo or youtube.

Easy search for topics, but of course as the site grows there may be a need to organize topics, etc. Great forum and community! Have found a lot of inspiration here!

(Kyla) #12
  1. this community/forum is important to me because it lets me connect with and gain knowledge from like-minded filmmakers! without it I would have made a million more mistakes than I did when making To The Max and I would have absolutely no guidance at all. also, this forum has lead to great opportunities for me-- namely the opportunity to be a production assistant on The Spell Tutor, which was an amazing learning experience.

  2. honestly nothing! I’ve almost always received solutions and answers for every problem or question I pose on here, and when I haven’t received a solution or an answer that works, I’ve always received kind words!

  3. it’s very easy to navigate! I adore it!

also – I found the main stareable site because I was following someone from the uncanny upshurs on tumblr and they posted a link to their show on the site! I checked it out and found the forum from there!

(Herman Wang) #13

I too appreciate the chance to begin something here that turns into something in the real world. Introductions are so important.

One technical thing - I do wish the discussion was set up to better show threading. It’s too difficult to follow conversations the linear way it is now.

(Bri Castellini) #14

What kind of threading would be more useful/readable in your mind?

(Herman Wang) #15

Even just one level where all responses are nested underneath each top-level comment would be useful

(Bri Castellini) #16

Noted! FYI Discourse (our forum platform) might actually specifically not support that, unfortunately. It’s a whole thing. We might find a way around it though…

(Herman Wang) #17

Not a huge deal if your platform’s not designed for it