Fun Sneaks

(Herman Wang) #1

During the course of creating The Spell Tutor we’ve snuck in various fun things such as:

  • A Zoolander reference
  • A Monty Python reference
  • Character names from Star Trek and Transformers
  • A rickroll

What about you? Have you ever slipped anything by your audience?

(Bri Castellini) #2

In season 2 of Brains, after we’d recast the role of “Carl,” we snuck photos of the original Carl into the background of two of their dorm’s scenes. Same happened with the original actor who played Damian (only for one episode, so no one remembers that because we reshot)- we have photos of him in the background of two other scenes.

I also hid a photo of my “neuropsychology consultant” in zombie makeup into two backgrounds, used a Lydia Bennet LBD poster as an homage to the web series that inspired me to make my own (and the character from that series who was the most like my main character), and also put a flask with our show’s logo in the background of another scene.

In Sam and Pat, we hid a Brains poster, a Relativity poster, and an Ace and Anxious poster (my short film) in the background of various scenes, used a Brains mug at one point, and in season 2 will reuse some popular props from Brains.

(Herman Wang) #3

This is the stuff that makes the shooting day more fun