Funding and production

(Craig Perkins) #1

Hey, I’m a writer with several scripts and stuck on how to get them made. Any help or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

(Alicia Carroll) #2

Hey, Craig!

maybe it’s helpful if you tell us what you’ve tried so far? My general advice would be to go out and meet people! You can’t make a show alone. Decide what you’re willing to do yourself if you want to get the project done (finance, fundraise, produce, direct?) and then fill in the gaps with personnel to get those other roles filled. Keep it lean and go out and make your stuff. If you want things to be more formal or higher budget then target your efforts toward meeting people with more credits or experience and learn with them as you go, ask for advice. But mainly you have to meet people that have the skillset you don’t. If you don’t do money, you need a producer who knows how to finance, etc.