Going from show to production company?

(Kyla) #1

sup guys!

my friend and I have decided to embark on a webseries project (once To The Max is safely in post-production). since she became integral to To The Max’s production, we’ve decided to create a production company and put To The Max and the new webseries under an umbrella (because they share similar themes/potentially similar cast/very similar creative teams). the question is, how do I go about this when To The Max has an established instagram, twitter, and youtube channel? do I just switch the names of all those to the production company name and announce it? or do I create a new account linking to the To The Max accounts?

please advise!

(Herman Wang) #2

Personally I would keep the existing accounts as is, especially if you have a decent fan base built on them, and just start throwing in occasional mentions of the parent group’s accounts to migrate people over.

(Bri Castellini) #3

Hey! So I’ve been dealing with this too- all my social media was specific to Brains for like a year and a half before I started doing other stuff, so all my Brains accounts have waaaay more followers. I actually ended up converting my Brains Instagram recently into an Undead Burrito one which has been cool, but I made separate Twitter and Facebook accounts for the company instead of rebranding the existing Brains ones because they both had enough consistent content that it would have been weirder. I didn’t use Instagram as much during Brains (honestly, still don’t for UB) so it wasn’t as big of a switch.

I would second what @hermdelica said- just occasionally mention the other account/cross post, maybe even teasing exclusive content there. You can also start promoting To The Max stuff primarily ON the new account because it is under the same umbrella and that’ll be easier to move people over.

Of course, you won’t be able to move everyone (as I have learned/gotten frustrated with) so you gotta basically keep both accounts active until the one you’re focused on has enough of a leg up on its own.

(Kyla) #4

the only thing that’s stopping me from doing that is that the To The Max instagram account is the only one that could be considered as having a “fan base” which is like, 130 followers. we’re also just wrapping production so it’s not like people are super attached to the project as they haven’t actually seen it, you know? (I don’t know if that makes sense, it’s exam season and words are nope)

(Bri Castellini) #5

Well that actually might potentially be a case for changing it? For me, I don’t use Insta that often and I DEFINITELY didn’t want multiple Insta accounts so it made sense. For you, if you change the name of the account but kept posting as usual, people have a chance to get used to it without that much else changing. Then you can eventually start introducing the new stuff as it becomes relevant.

(Herman Wang) #6

I tend to agree, for a number like that it’s probably fine to just switch the name