Going to Stareable Fest 2019? Want to talk about payroll?

(Anthony López) #1

I’m going to Stareable Fest this weekend to meet filmmakers, network and learn more about the web series world. I work in production payroll and have a lot of knowledge about fringes, unemployment, workers comp, union & guilds; all the not-so-fun stuff that comes with hiring folks for your show. If you have questions about that stuff and would like to meet up for a chat let me know. I’d be happy to sit down and talk shop with ya in Bklyn this weekend.

Just FYI, I’m not going to hard-sell you or use fear tactics, etc. I’ll be straight-up and tell you what I know. I’ve been a sales exec at a production payroll company for nearly 6 years. I don’t live for payroll, it pays the bills. I’m a creative like you, but unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the bills (yet). I’m a writer (scripts, short-stories), musician, sometimes artist, dad, husband and film lover. :v:t4:

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