Grant Proposals

(Kate Hackett) #1

Has anybody written grant proposals for short film/indie film? Can I pick your brain? In LA, over coffee… Wherever else, maybe a phone call?

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(Daria Sommers) #2

Not in LA but have written lots of grant proposals for my indie films. Few tips. What is the funder/foundation looking for? Assuming it isn’t just a wide open call for anything (most grants are specifically focused) pitch your film through the lens of what they are looking for. Don’t be afraid to highlight how your take will be fresh/unique. Distinguish it from other films they might have funded that address or cover similar subject matter. Don’t shy away from articulating what your visual style will be, i.e. how will it be shot. Even though we all know your ideas could change 10 times before you actually start filming, funders need to know what somthing will look like. If you are submitting a budget, are they funding the whole project? Are they asking you to find matching funds? Can you tell them who your audience is and how you will engage that audience? In my experience, if they fund the film, they will want to know what your plan is to promote it. Don’t know the foundation but those are basic guidelines that have served me well. Hope they help.

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