Hack Your Smartphone Into A Inexpensive DSLR Style Video Camera With A Simple Rig & Apps

“Web Series Production Hacks” is a new bi-weekly Stareable Film School column by Anthony Ferraro, creator director of the soon to be released web series Galactic Galaxy. Here I’ll share with the Stareable Community my limited resource workarounds, without compromising quality.

There has been lots of discussion about filming with a smartphone, the pros and cons and how to’s. This week I want to share with you a How to Video from my YouTube Channel, Create Sci-Fi. I demonstrate for you the basic smartphone video rig and apps I use to capture DSLR style video easily and inexpensively.

I hope you found this simple hack useful. For more tips and shared experience visit and subscribe to my above-mentioned youtube channel Create Sci-Fi with plenty of informative videos on creating content.