Handling production delays

(Yard Lion Films) #1

Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask you a question. Since I’m starting out with our web series, and seeing that we’re dealing with production problems, how do you handle delays?

(Herman Wang) #2

That’s kind of an open-ended question :slight_smile:

Some things we do:

  • Schedule extra shooting dates with nothing planned in them, for rain dates or other unknowns. If something goes wrong, just postpone to one of the unused dates.
  • Try to always have backup plans in case of lateness or no-shows - “If Chris is late we’ll just shoot Pat’s scenes first.”
  • As much as possible, have gear backups as well, even if it’s just a friend you can phone to borrow their gear if the worst happens.

(Evie Marie Warner) #3

Dealing with sooo many delays. It has pushed most filming to january b/c crew had other projects.

(Evie Marie Warner) #4

Yeap. Our challenge was not being able to schedule backup dates.

(Evie Marie Warner) #5

1.You have to keep a sense of humour. 2.Dont sweat the small stuff.
3. And follow everything he just said so that you wont sweat the small stuff as much.

(Yard Lion Films) #6

That’s true, what if you decided to push the airdates later to accomodate the situation instead of dealing with a deadline? We’re not doing it for the money, at first.

(Herman Wang) #7

One of our delays this season was that one actress was out of the country for the better part of a year. Luckily she was only in one flashback scene.

(Yard Lion Films) #8


Just for some clarification, we’re the series that is produced remotely as opposed to in person, and we’ve recently recasted the role, however we are delaying the production in which we originally was going to air in December, but I guess we will have to push back the airdates to accommodate the situation at hand.

(Herman Wang) #9

Sure, if you aren’t contractually obligated to deliver on a certain date, that’s probably the way to go. I find rushing things is usually not worth it.

(Yard Lion Films) #10

Agreed. Given that we also run our YouTube channel, in which the show airs, it wouldn’t hurt to delay the airings until we’re back on track.