Happy New Years! What are your creative resolutions for the upcoming year?

(Bri Castellini) #1

What are your creative resolutions, big and small, for 2019?


  • Actually take a break once in a while!
  • Have at least 4 table reads for 4 different scripts/projects
  • Release both Sam and Pat Are Depressed season 2 and my short film, Buy In
  • Write something new every week, even if it’s just a sentence

Last year was all productions for me, which was fun, but I definitely need to get back to my roots and start writing again, so that’s what this year is for. What about you?

(Amanda Taylor) #2

Makin’ our first ORIGINAL SERIES! wheeee! (wheeee?) I am excited and nervous because we didn’t produce anything last year so I feel rusty. haha

(Pablo Andreu) #3

What’s Buy In about?

(Pablo Andreu) #4

Good luck! What’s the series about?

(Pablo Andreu) #5

Mine is the year of the pilot:

  • roll out season 2 of STRAY

  • shoot two web series pilots

  • draft 30-minute dramedy pilot script

  • draft 60-minute drama pilot script

  • depending on how the previous items go, revisit a novel I started 10 years ago

(Herman Wang) #6

I really don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but since The Spell Tutor is wrapped I’m doing the final festival circuit for it this year, and starting my new super-secret web series project.

(Arthur Vincie) #7

Happy new year everyone!

Resolutions (in no particular order except the top one):

  • Top on my list is to become a better person. Help my family, friends, fellow film/web/tv peeps, our world, and myself.
  • Three Trembling Cities Season 2
  • Get some more paying work as a director and writer
  • Submit The Fucking Novel for publication
  • Shoot a short I’ve been procrastinating on
  • Get some of my non-fiction published

I’ve got a bunch of personal ones but I’d rather keep those private.

I wish everyone a successful and happy new year!

(Bri Castellini) #8

It’s a psychological thriller/horror short film about pyramid schemes. Co-written with Brains co-star Colin Hinckley!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #9
  • Finish post-production on Season 2 (first and foremost)
  • Hold a premiere/screening for Season 2
  • Recreate my live videos about GNG backstory to live on YT
  • Collaborate with others on their creative works
  • Write Season 3 of GNG

(Gareth Brierley) #10

Carry on with PITCHES and then sart a couple of other web series.

Oh yes…lose wieght, give up everything that I love but know is bad and stop watching Arrow.

(Alicia Carroll) #11

Launch our Crowdfunding Campaign, make goal for said crowdfunding campaign, and begin pre-pro!

(Zachary Just) #12

I just want to produce regular content haha.

I focused on a creating a full length animated pilot episode from scratch. It just took forever with all the art, animation, etc. Now that I have all the art done, I want to create a bunch of shorts (like maybe a minute or so long) using previous animations and artwork to streamline the process and hopefully grow my audience.

(Ray Robinson) #13

Unexpected survival job issues for me and my editor (we work at the same job), plus the holidays, slowed us way down. Fortunately those things are past us, and Deliver Me is back underway. Slowly releasing production stills, and the sizzle reel is finally complete.

As of right now, I have three goals for the coming year:

  1. Deliver Me completed, submitted to festivals and platforms willing to have it, and pushing it to the moon. If it takes off, start work on Season 2.

  2. I’ve been asked to direct a 30-minute parody of The Princess Bride that I wrote a few year back. The Louisville audience loves it, so it keeps getting picked up by various theatre troupes in town to perform. Normally I let them have all the fun - this time I get to man the helm for the first time since it’s original premiere.

  3. Doing a test pilot for a local radio show, hosting a talk show that highlights creative people and companies in Louisville. It will be a companion to a website that I created as a directory and calendar for all things creative in our city.

  4. If time and energy permits, film a few short movies I wrote years ago, and starting on a concept for a second web series.