Has Anyone Else Seen New Doctor Who?

(Jonathan Hardesty) #1

I just saw the premiere of the new Doctor (Jodi Whitaker) and thought it was a great deviation from the Moffat years. Curious if anyone else has had a chance to see it yet. I watched the first episode on Amazon, which was more of a pain in the butt than I thought it was going to be. Our household is on a family plan, so we only have one account synced on our xbox. Turns out only the account that buys the video content can watch it, so we had to disconnect everything and reconnect and there went twenty minutes. So glad we’re in this age of streaming. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ian David Diaz) #2

Disappointed with the Ep sorry, very bland.
Yep, this guy nails it! My thoughts exactly!

(Bri Castellini) #3

Yes I watched it last night! I was pleasantly surprised, especially since I’m like two seasons behind. I thought she had a great energy and I really enjoy the new companions and I think they’re interesting and have a lot to offer a more robust crew than I remember from early Moffat. The story I could take or leave but I did find the character introductions compelling and that more than anything else is the magic of a good Doctor Who episode/season

(Jonathan Hardesty) #4

I listened to about a minute or so from where you linked and found myself not agreeing with any of it, which is fine. I think what’s stood out to me in interviews is Chibnall saying that he didn’t want to go the typical route with the show. I think making a more emotional, subdued pilot was a strong choice compared to Moffat’s rather flashy and epic style. I think that this wasn’t trying to be The Eleventh Hour or The Christmas Invasion. I just re-watched The Christmas Invasion the other day and I found myself bored with most of it in the way this guy was complaining about this one. The Doctor is in a bed for 90% of the episode and then just tosses a nectarine at the goofy villain and walks away. The comparison to Christmas Invasion is pretty interesting though, and warrants further exploration.

But again, can agree to disagree on this. :slight_smile:

(Ian David Diaz) #5

Hey movieguyjon, it’s fine I’m not one of those guys that take offense on people’s opinions, it’s only a TV show, I am a fan it’s just my opinion that it wasn’t good and I happen to agree with the video’s findings. That’s it.

(Evie Marie Warner) #6

I thought it was okay. I’m kind of on the fence about her wardrobe. But I wasn never one of those feminists that felt the need for the Doctor to be female. I was okay with the individual being male. And I don’t understand why it was so important to some people for the doctor be a woman. But I’m looking forward to this season. and seeing what she brings to the character.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #7

I think what we’re seeing is the pressure of having no other equivalent. We don’t have a time traveling, space-faring woman anywhere else so there’s a pressure to weave that into already established material because it already has the audience. And no one can make that other show because there’s no resources to devote to a doctor who competitor.

One day it’s my hope that there’s enough parity and representation that there can be a show that’s led by only men that plays alongside a show that’s led by women.

That said, I like what making the Doctor a woman has done for the show. It feels different, and has a different energy. I tried to rewatch the older 2005-era series but fell off pretty quickly. There’s a lot of good there, but there’s also a lot of conventions that eventually turned me away.

Just my two cents! :slight_smile:

(Evie Marie Warner) #8

Im surprised about their choice about how to portray U.S. and Americans this season.

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #9

I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. There’s the usual cycle of not necessarily being excited by a new Doctor followed by the “OMG I love him/her” phase.

I’m still not convinced changing things so drastically was the correct move at this juncture, though. I know a lot of fans were starting to get put off by Moffat and with a new showrunner and a major change in the character seemed a lot to take in at once. But so far I’m enjoying it.

I hope Chibnall isn’t completely averse to bringing some classic elements rather than coming up with all new stuff, however.

(Ian David Diaz) #10

I must say I think the writing in this season is very poor, I will always watch because I’m a fan and love Jodie but it’s really rubbish writing. Oh well, here’s hoping it gets better.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #11

This season has so far had a lot of heart and has spent a considerable amount of time giving depth to the new companions, which has been a welcome change. The episodes have also been a welcome departure from the aggressive Moffat wackiness that had by the end of his run turned me off. The problem, then, is that a whole season of this more subdued and groundedness has made the whole thing feel a bit flat.

Doctor Who has always had a bit of a quirky texture to it, and the showrunners have navigated that in their own way. Chibnall seems to be eschewing the quirky for the grounded, and the result is - to me - a really tame start to a great new Doctor.

And Jodi IS great. She’s fun to watch, charismatic as heck, and feels like the Doctor. It’s just a shame that this season is really putting a damper on that texture. It’s also a shame that there are some really great moments in here that could be enhanced by that texture. The Demons of the Punjab was a REALLY good episode in terms of Yas’ character and her relation to her family and legacy. It’s covers an interesting point in history that not many shows do, and its message is great.

But the episode preceding this one wasn’t quirky enough, wasn’t weird enough…and if the ad for this Sunday’s episode is to be followed…this one will also be subdued.

What a curious season this has been. :slight_smile:

(Evie Marie Warner) #12

Oh this recemt episode, i was like, why is not getting mad at the guy for shooting the gun at the demond when she was irked off at the American for having a gun and shooting? She just completely ignored the fact that the other gun had a gun. To me, hat is example of poor writing.

If should have given both characters a speach about guns. Should have told both of them that guns wer barbaric and evil. But she didnt’. Unless I missed it.

(Ian David Diaz) #13

It has been poor writing from the start, people like us with our tiny web series are always fighting so that we tell stories in an interesting way, within the budget we’ve got, and to make sure the script has a sense of logic in it, it’s always puzzling to me when a professionally made show like this delivers a substandard product, and with all the BBC firepower they have behind it. As I’ve said I love Doctor Who but what they have done with it on this 11th season is not Doctor Who. I love Jodie it’s a shame they’ve given her really rubbish scripts now I hear that Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker are stepping down after season 12 - yikes! Could this be the end?

(Evie Marie Warner) #14

Really? We could end up with a female doctor for only one season? Oh wait we are on season 11! Now as far as the script, I see other people on facebook forums who love it. They couldn’t get into the last season and were bored but they are loving this season.

(Ian David Diaz) #15

Yeah, I know but I’ve seen Youtube videos by the truckload that don’t like the writing in this season, I have to agree it’s not the best but it’s only a TV show, I hope it carries on with Jodi and doesn’t get canceled.

(Ian David Diaz) #16

A talking frog!!! Okay, now that was really crap. :slight_smile:

(Evie Marie Warner) #17

Yeah. That frog thing was…different.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #18

So, I finished the season and by-and-large was underwhelmed by it. There were moments throughout that I really liked, so at best I’m sitting in the “it’s complicated” area of my review. The pilot got me hyped for a new and exciting soundtrack for The Doctor, but bland minimalism was the order of the day. And the Doctor felt so passive compared to the others. IDK. I liked what the season was doing on paper, but the execution just felt very flat and two-dimensional. sigh

(Jonathan Hardesty) #19

Thing I loved? Jodi’s speech at the very end of the last episode. I absolutely loved the delivery and how it spoke to the point of the show in general.

(Evie Marie Warner) #20

I think i heard they are doing a new years special episode. And then that is it until 2020! :flushed: personally, i think killing the big bad alien was justified. Honestly, they cant garuntee he wont get again. That someone wont set him and he wil be free to create havoc once again and kill innocent people.