Have An Idea For A Documentary But Don't Know Where To Start

Hello, I thought I share with you guys a question and something I’ve been dying to work on for a while now. I bet you hear this a lot but I have an interesting life that I thought would make a great documentary. I noticed some of the web series on this website are documentary based, so I figured I have a few documentary filmmakers here.

Long story short, I didn’t make this a job posting because I don’t have the funds to pay anyone but just wanted to look for resources and places that might help me to create my dream doc or any advice on how to make a doc. If you wish to know my life story so far it’s that I’m a writer and comedian with Asperger syndrome from Chicago. I’ve studied at The Second City and iO Chicago, I’m one of WGN-TV’s Chicago’s Very Own, I’m a published author but I really think you get the idea.

If I were to find a documentary filmmaker that’ll be great, but if a documentary of my life were made I would love to enter in film festivals alongside the documentary filmmaker and see where that rabbit hole leads too. So to end this long rambling message it’s just I thought I ask for advice on how to make a documentary or documentary short based around my life, what resources and places are available to help me, and which film festivals might be interested in it. Thanks for reading this and hopefully you all have some good advice or can probably just tell me to move on.


My advice would be to keep the initial concept very short and simple; maybe start with a day in your life. Pick an especially interesting day, where there is a lot likely to happen and where there is something at stake for your career. The best documentaries tend to be those where we are watching something unfold, whether that be in terms of character or plot.

From what you’ve just mentioned, it could be interesting to reveal what it’s like being a writer and comedian with Asperger’s syndrome; how does that inform your art? Hearing stories from alternate perspectives is something that audiences are very much interested in right now. Do you have a unique take to bring to the table?

I would watch documentaries you like and study them; what is it about them and the direction that you find appealing? There are lots of books out there on how to make docs, but to be honest the best thing is to just try making one, from my experience.

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