Having a previously on your second episode & info title cards?

Here are two questions for web series creators, should you have a previously on your second episode and should you also have a title card on your Ep saying what time and on what day the next episode will be or should this info be in the blurb of your channel?

My Web Series Rebecca Gold will be out in the fall.

This is a great question! For our web series “Thespian” we added a previously on to the episode we’ve started to submit to festivals because it’s the only way you’d be able to follow the story and we believe this particular episode (the sixth out of an eight episode first season) best exemplifies the comedy, drama and depth of character we think we’ve created. In general, I would suggest that if you do feel your series needs it for every episode that you keep them extremely short as web series tend to be fairly short form. Also, and this is just a suggestion that was offered to me but one I agree with, you might want to avoid calling your work a “web series”. Maybe just Rebecca Gold- the series. Pretty much everything is in one way or another a web series these days and there’s really no reason to make that distinction. Even festivals are starting to use terms like streaming, episodic content or whatever. Just a thought. Good luck with your project. I’d love to see your work. You can watch our trailer and some clips at thespianseries.com but we’ve not yet released either.

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Thanks mate some good suggestions and advice there. I will drop the Web from my info.

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So I’m going to fundamentally disagree with removing “web series” as a branding, partially because I’m biased but partially because I think the term is making a comeback as far as filmmaking styles are concerned. As more and more web series get adapted for TV and more and more web series creators get picked to move up in the mainstream world, it stops being associated with negative implications and starts being a legitimate format to work in. (maybe I’m misunderstanding your cautioning of the phrase “web series” though- correct me if I’m mistaken!)

However, I would agree with the idea that you don’t necesarilly need to use “web series” or even “the series” in all your key art- it seems unnecessary. Just brand it with “Rebecca Gold- Coming Soon” or add the release date, and make sure there’s always a website or social media handle on your art. “Rebecca Gold Web Series” doesn’t tell me anything and doesn’t prompt me as a viewer to interact any further with the project if I’m interested in it. If there was a website or social handle, and I liked your key art, I’d know where to go next for more info.

As far as title cards/ previously on, I’d recommend keeping those to end cards instead so it doesn’t trip up the viewing experience (plus YouTube doesn’t support annotations anymore so you can only add in-video links to the last 20 seconds of your videos now). It’s honestly up to you how much info you want to prompt people with in those, but having an end card with links to the previous and next episodes is a solid choice if you want people to continue watching!

I actually touch on end cards a little bit in this article: Finding Distribution For Your Web Series- I Hate Marketing part 9

If you want me to go into more detail, @Ian_David_Diaz, I can totally do that!

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The simplest way I can explain what I mean about web series is to point out that the CBS Access show Star Trek- Discovery doesn’t call itself a web series and you don’t see the title “Luke Cage- the web series”, although, technically, both are. We’re all creating content that’s meant to be streamed so it just seems a bit archaic to me. Again, just an opinion.

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Wow, lots to think about… again LOL! A web series or just a series? What shall I do!? :slight_smile: As for a website, I think a Facebook page will be up soon. The reason for so much artwork, and it’s been a year now, is because of all the setbacks, it was meant to come out last year Christmas, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s still being put together. I’m at the last hurdle now with the sound mix and music, it’s just me doing everything and with the day job it’s tough. For you Bri the artwork doesn’t prompt you to interact any further but let me tell you I’ve been inundated with messages and facebook text on when my little series is going to come out. So the artwork is working but all of this doesn’t guarantee success. End cards is a good idea and I guess links to the previous and next episodes can only be on the second or third Ep. I plan to release one every week. Again Bri thanks for your comments.

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The thing about the artwork is that if I’m drawn in it (and I am! They’re great key art photos/designs!) I’m going to want to follow it so I can get updates. But if the artwork and posts don’t lead me anywhere, even to a Facebook page, then it doesn’t do me any good to see it and like it, and it doesn’t do YOU any good to have people intrigued without a place for them to go afterwards. You gotta direct people to a centralized place, be it a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or (even better) an email newsletter so that if they’re interested, they’re following you where you can more directly communicate them. Right now, if I see a photo of your show out of context, as it is, I’m like “ok this thing is coming soon, but I have no idea where I can get more info or follow it for direct updates.” I’ll just say “oh cool art” and then never think about it again because I haven’t been given any direction. Does that make sense?

Hey Marc, do you have a link to Thespian? I would like to watch it. Also, it is true that Star Trek- Discovery and Luke Cage are technically web series but it’s at a different level, nobody thinks of Youtube when talking about Luke Cage or Jessica Jones, they think Netflix - you may be right, when saying it’s a web series everyone thinks, cheap, a budget on ten dollars and Youtube, it has that thing about it. But when you say Amazon, Netflix or even Hulu people subconsciously think a TV show with a budget. I also think Bri has a point too and the term Web series is making a comeback. At the end I think I have to do what is right I guess. Again thanks for your comments.

I know but it’s got your interest up which is what it’s supposed to do, the Facebook page and maybe a website will come once I know everything is done and we have a release date, but as I said it’s brought awareness to the project which is what I was hoping for. Bri you’ll be the first to know once I have a date and a Facebook page. As always thanks for your comments, I’m learning a lot from this community and this awesome site.

There’s no reason why your show can’t be on Amazon Prime. They have a video direct system that, as long as you know how to upload properly and add closed captioning. It’s available to anyone. Trick, of course, is to drive traffic to your work which is the daunting part. YouTube is just one of many platforms… Vimeo for instance. It really depends what you’re going for and, to be honest, the marketing side of all this is new to me. I know WAY more about the creative end. Here’s the link to our website https://www.thespianseries.com/ if you scroll down you can watch the trailer as well as a couple of short clips. Let me know after you take a look and maybe I can send you the password protected links to some more stuff.

Yeah I know, in fact, it will be up on Amazon as a short, all 5 parts stuck together. I am told Amazon don’t do five-minute clips so I’ll have to make the whole thing into a short. I’ve seen your site, the trailer and the clips, you don’t have your show up on Youtube, isn’t that the best platform to have it on? Has it been released to the public yet? I’d like to watch it so please do send me the password. Thanks, mate.

Oh, by the way, this is what Rebecca Gold is about:

The REBECCA GOLD 5-part Web series is coming this fall.

LOGLINE: A Gay, lonely, geeky, highly skilled assassin goes rogue when she encounters her high school crush.

SUB-GENRE: Black Comedy.

Rebecca is smart, geeky, savvy and brave. She is a virtual encyclopedia of geekiness whether it is comics, television, movies, or superheroes. To put it simply, Rebecca is the voice of the niche audience we are trying to attract. If you’re a movie/TV geek then you’ll love this, and if you’re not you’ll still love it.

Will do. Do you have an email address?

Yes, I do, but how do I private message you?

Good point. Not sure. There must be a way though. Or I assume so. Will check.

Thanks, are you on facebook maybe I can contact you there.

Yes. Marc Unger

We used to do “previously” recaps for our episodes, but dropped it eventually when we observed that most viewers seemed to be binge watching.

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@Ian_David_Diaz if you click on your profile image in the top right of this forum, there’s a little mail icon that should allow you to DM people via this platform!

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But when you start off I’m guessing you’ll have to do that because if you have one out every week before it’s full run you want to make it easy for the viewer to get info on the next Ep, right?