Having companies/logos in webseries

(Alex Barbag) #1

Does one need to get permission to talk about a company or have it’s logo in a shot? I have some lines where restaurants will be mentioned and I’m wondering if it’s okay. The reason I’m using real restaurants instead of fake ones is that I want to tell them about it so that they post it on their social media.

(RJ Lackie) #2

My (limited) understanding is, verbal references are usually fine but logos are a def no-no. At least, our production designer always makes sure to not show any company logos.

(Bri Castellini) #3

As far as I understand it, unless you’re making a claim about being involved with a company whose logo you’re using, or you’re being lewd or “inappropriate” with it, you’re mostly in the clear. Or if it’s a fair use thing- if you’re using the logo to comment on it or the company in some way. Most productions steer clear of logos just in case, plus it also strengthens your case to potentially get brand sponsors in the future- they don’t want to have to compete for screen time with logos you’re displaying for free. Why would they pay if you’re already giving free ad space for other companies?

(Barbara Mc Thomas) #4

This article and video has some helpful information.

(Herman Wang) #5

For this kind of social media strategy, I would work everything out with the restaurants first, before committing it to the script.