Help Wanted - Social Media Outreach

(Kate Hackett) #1

Hello, hello!

The Long Dig is well underway and I could really use a helper bee to manage our newsletters, twitter, insta, Facebook, etc. We’ll also want someone to help push us to press outlets.

Is this you? Are you this person?

Free is optimal, if you are looking for experience with publicity etc., but I can squeeze a little blood from this stone and we can talk rate. Fair warning, it’s a lower, bulk rate. That said, I give credits like goddamn candy, so whatever FANCYASS title you want (I mean, within reason), you got it toots.

Hit me up with a PM or however with your email and we’ll go from there!

(Jaime Lancaster) #2

When are you going to be starting/needing help? Will it be just during production (and when is that?) or would this be a full time thing?

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(Kate Hackett) #3

We’ll probably want someone to jump on board fairly soon; we’ll have a developed SM plan but just need hands to help carry it out. It wouldn’t be a 9-5 full time job, no, and it shouldn’t be terribly time consuming day to day, but it would likely last a while.

(Sophia Styles) #4

Hi! Did you ever find a social media person?


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(Kate Hackett) #5

More the merrier! HMU with your info.

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(Kate Hackett) #6

Tom is FINALLY ready to get people set up with this. @MsSophiaStyles, @JCaster, were you still interested?

Anyone else… you interested??