How Do You Find Other Producers + Collaborators for Projects?

(Garrick Wade) #1

I am a creator. I was co-writer and EP on a web show called Remembering Wednesday and looking to start production for my next project which will be a supernatural drama/thriller short film. I am based in NYC but strongly considering going to New Orleans or even SC, NC, or upstate to film the short. I love collaborating and looking for other producers that would be interested in a project like this. I don’t do much networking as I should and I find it hard to find good people to collaborate with no ego or competition. What is your advice?

(Evie Marie Warner) #2

I have found success helping on other projects. Im on set right now as a PA. Made a few connections that will be helpful down the road. You great view on peoples work ethic and can usualy get an idea whether our personalities will clash.

(Garrick Wade) #3

Thanks that’s good advice.