How do you organize a screening?

(Bri Castellini) #21

Oooo and this reminds ME- I have a regular coffee shop I go to and they know I’m a filmmaker and have actually offered to host a screening or party for me in the past just because I’m a good customer who tips well and is friendly to everyone, so leverage those kinds of connections too- places where you’re a regular and well-liked.

(Anna Bateman) #22

Aaaaaaah this is all really helpful- thank you! Does anyone else have thoughts on the ticketing thing though? Is it bad form or is the suggested donation box a better idea?

(Kyla) #23

speaking as a broke student… donation box is the way to go, pal. I know a lot of broke students who won’t pay to go somewhere if they can watch it online/find out what happens from a friend, especially when it’s not something they’re hugely invested in. a donation box, however, may kind of guilt people into donating/people may donate because they’ll feel like they’re being a super good person by dropping in their spare change. people are also way more likely to donate more than whatever your ticket price would be if they’re emotionally invested at all in the project.

(Anna Bateman) #24

Ditto broke student. Thanks for the thoughts- I think I agree!

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #25

Bars absolutely have screens sometimes. We even have a cinepub here in Knoxville, though I don’t particularly enjoy going there for screenings. I’d host a screening there though because it’s convenient.

Most of my screenings have been at festivals so I didn’t have to do any of the organizing. Just promote and try to get people there.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #26

I’m putting myself on this thread since I have to organize a premiere soon and it’s on my to do list! I’m reaching out to the bar I filmed at that I know has a projection screen. Even though I did business with him before I feel weird asking and have been putting it off. I’m using this thread as a reminder!

(Jon Chuby) #27

I just finished doing two showing one in Vancouver and one in northern BC. For both venues we sold decently and ended up doing the screenings at the Rio theatre and the Prince George Playhouse. Which is more a stage, but has decent seating. Pretty much will cost money to rent the venue, unless your lucky with a connection. Come up with an estimate for how many seats you can sell and price your tickets accordingly. That way if you sell more then expected, great and if not, you can hopefully still cover the cost of your event. Then the marketing begins.