How do you promote your work to other filmmakers without just link spamming web series Facebook groups?

(Ollie R) #1

So I’m hoping to have a project to share with the world soon and I joined all these Facebook groups and Reddits in preparation to promote it to other filmmakers and obviously this forum, and then I realized that (other than this forum) most filmmaker groups tend to be dumping grounds for links? It’s even worse with web series because people can spam once a week for a while with new stuff instead of a short film where there’d just be one link, right?

So… where to filmmakers go to actually watch each others’ work? How can I use this really big (but really spammy) groups to my advantage?

(Bri Castellini) #2

I know it’s a cop out, but… here? In our #cc (peer critique) category, in our shameless self promo weekly round up threads, in just talking in other threads and getting curious about the smart person you’re chatting with. Also, if you ever wanted to do a production diary on here, email me! People tend to watch the series featured there out of general curiosity.

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(Amen J.) #3

What is your purpose for sharing with other filmmakers? Define that first. It goes back to who the audience is for your web series. There is just too much content out there to expect other filmmakers to support just for the sake of it. I don’t mean to sound cold, but I think that is the truth. There’s also something to be said about organizing in-person screenings…it’s always more interesting to watch content communally vs. Just on your own. Speaking of, that gives me an idea. Why don’t you create a virtual event for people to watch your film and have a Q&A after?

(Ollie R) #4

I wasn’t expecting it for the sake of it, but I think other filmmakers are a good place to start because they might have good feedback or know more than me and be able to point me in the right promo direction. The virtual event is an interesting idea. Would that be something I could promote in a filmmaking group though? I guess I’m just wondering what the point of all these groups is if you don’t ever actually connect.

(Amen J.) #5

I hear you. Some groups are definitely better than others for engagement. That’s just how it goes. How about offering feedback on someone else’s project in exchange for them reviewing yours? This group is definitely the best one for what you are seeking, I would say.