How long should a Web series Ep be?

Hi people, how long do you think a web series episode should be, 5 or 10 minutes long? My web series Rebecca Gold, (which is out in the fall), is 5 minutes per episode, I wonder if that’s too short.

There’s an older thread that talked about this! Might give you a jumpstart.

I’ll echo what I said in the thread that @Bri_Castellini just linked: 3-10 is the sweet spot for webseries content, but it’s by no means the hard-and-fast rule. On Youtube you can get away with about 20 or so minutes and be fine. Long-form stuff doesn’t work as well, and REALLY short content doesn’t seem to do nearly as well.

And really, it really boils down to how the show feels and that’s really not as helpful an answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal opinion? 4-6 minutes per episode. There’s a lot you can do in 4-6 minutes and having your episodes be that short forces you to balance the elements of your show evenly.


I agree with everything that’s been said here. My series Dear Dark Lord is 4-6 minutes per ep, and I’ve found people are able to invest in it more without them being scared off by a potentially too long commitment. We all got short attention spans now, but you want it to be meaty enough for there to be something people can chew on.

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Thanks again Bri. I will read with interested :slight_smile: I think this guy says it all:

Yep, you have a point mate.

Hi. I have an animated web series ( The Jenna Bender Show ) which I put close to 10 minutes in length in the 1st episode. Bad idea. I wanted to give a back story, a premise and a hook to get viewers involved. That, in hindsight, could have been remedied if I broke it up in 2 parts. But I think it goes back to the script, the establishment of characters & eliminating lag in dialogue. Good luck!

Thanks, mate, this is my first web series, before I started I read a lot of info on making such a show so mines are 5 mins long, but I did do things that they say you shouldn’t but I felt it was important. All I can hope for is that the people who watch it will enjoy what they see.

Hoping your webseries is growing a fan base that gets the attention it deserves. Cheers! Maurice Tyson:movie_camera: