How much can a web series make for a Producer or Distributor?

(Cam Faull) #1

Hi All,
My name is Cam Faull, I’m an Australia-based, first-time Content Creator looking to get a deeper understanding of the business end of filmmaking. In particular, to make potential co-producers and/or distributors some returns from a web series.
This question was posed to me: “What’s the estimated financial value of our partnership”, being more of a creative- thinker than a business-minded one, this stumped me.
I’ve been trying to google what deems a successful financial partnership between content creators, producers, and distributors. Being an actor for many years, then stepping into the web series world, I always looked at it from a “telling the story” and delivering it within my timeline/goals, I wasn’t thinking of the long term during production about its monetization or selling potential. Typical rookie mistake, but hey, I loved the journey. Any links, resources or thoughts you’d like to share would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, anyone going to be at T.O Webfest in July? I’ll be flying over to Toronto and would love to meet some fellow content creators. Feel free to hit me up.

Kindest regards and happiest of collaborations to you all.
Cam :slight_smile:

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(Herman Wang) #2

Hi Cam,

I live in Toronto and will be at TOWebFest (although our series didn’t make it in this year :frowning: )

I’ve found it effective to partner with a reputable distributor who’s going to concentrate more on the business end, which leaves me free to concentrate on making the best show possible. We currently have a deal with SeekaTV in the US. They work on the technical aspects (delivery to various devices) and some of the marketing, which is a burden off my shoulders.

(Cam Faull) #3

Hi Herman,

Thanks for your reply! Sorry to hear your series didn’t make it this year, but I’m assuming it has previously or elsewhere?

Your tip was very helpful in terms of the headspace I should be in. Leave the bizz to the distributors. Congrats on your deal with Seeka. That sounds like a good arrangement.

I’d love to check out your series, and perhaps we could friend on FB and catch up at some point over the festival. Cool with you?
Very keen to meet fellow content creators.
Once again, many thanks for your reply. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Herman Wang) #4

Got your FB request :slight_smile:

This is our show: The Spell Tutor

Let me know if you need any help figuring out Toronto, getting around can be kind of a mess

(Carlo Delmar) #5

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment seems to have figured out a viable business model for web series, according to this five-minute documentary about them:

(Herman Wang) #6

ZOE also have a related business called The Fantasy Network (Disclosure: my show is signed to that as well) that’s a web series channel/distributor focused on sci-fi and fantasy genres.

(Cam Faull) #7

Hey Herman, thanks so much man! I’ll check out your series.
Appreciate the offer. I’ve booked not too far away from the event venue but who knows, if it’s a mess as you say, it might add to the adventures. I’ll definitely touch base a little before or upon arrival. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

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(Cam Faull) #8

Amazing Carlo! Thanks for this :slight_smile:

(Cam Faull) #9

Thanks again! Appreciate all the info

(Herman Wang) #10

If you don’t already know about the UPExpress, it’s an easy way to get downtown from the airport.

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