How Soon is Too Soon?

(Ray Robinson) #1

Ok, so making my first web series. It’s written, and (mostly) cast, and filming starts mid-May. I have a Twitter feed, a Facebook page and a simple website set up.

I want to fire off press releases to everyone and harass the living daylights out of people to call attention to my project, but without anything concrete (sizzle reel, video promo, etc.), I feel like it would be a wasted effort - maybe a turn off.

So, recommendations on where to effectively focus my energy and enthusiasm while I wait for the filming to begin?

(Miceal O'Donnell) #2

When I did send out press packets (with emails, phones calls, etc.) -first, a lot of people ignored our requests entirely, including follow up phone calls. But those who did respond wanted production stills, and a trailer at a minimum.

(Bri Castellini) #3

I definitely recommend starting one (maybe two) social media accounts for your project and getting into the habit of posting once or twice a week on each about your show. Maybe a snippet of the script, or a photo of your crew location scouting, or some cast photos.

But the absolute best advice I can give you is that you should start interacting with OTHER shows in your genre/niche on social. You should be posting 75% about other people, especially when you have nothing concrete of your own to promote. Find shows you love that align with your show’s sensibilities, then get in good with them! In a few months when you DO have something to show, they’ll be more likely to help you promote! It’ll also give your potential fans an idea of what kinds of things your show will eventually be about.

Check out this blog about building a community, something you can and should start doing as early as possible.

(Travis Grossi) #4

It’s definitely not too soon. I wish I would have kept active social media accounts while making our pilot - but I also thought it would be harassing/boring people. Definitely agree with @Bri_Castellini’s advice of finding and engaging with similar series - something I’m only starting to do now, a year after production and as we’re starting to release it. (I also wish I would have found Stareable before I started, but if we’re wishing for things, I’d also include a full head of hair so that’s a probably slippery slope.)

Good luck with everything and can’t wait to watch!