How to ask people to donate to your campaign after asking 2000 times in the same way?

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Haha, so I’m not the most articulate person and I’m generally very direct in saying what i need so i dont often come up with clever tweets or updates that basically ask my followers to consider donating to our campaign. Ive gotten repetitive. Saying tons of “thank yous” and “you guys have helped up so much cant do this without you etc etc” After sending out the 200th tweet asking people to consider checking out your page or spilling out a bunch of gratitude i think people start to get tired of you? Or maybe you even start to get tired of yourself HAHA.

The problem is I don’t really have much time to think of much more creative things to say because 1) kind of burnt out from multi-tasking other parts of production 2) i work and go to school 3) and i dont have much promotional material to rotate through that would be like a HUGE attention grabber to cut a trailer with and i dont have immediate access to some of my main actors where i could create something because they live in different areas so it requires lots of planning.

I guess i wanna know what are some other ways to spark up people interests (maybe even mine even) as I continue to promote my web series and my indiegogo page? I think i’ve definitely lost some momentum behind it and im not sure how to regain that. :frowning:

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I’ll say this- sometimes you have to create your own news. I’ve done things where I offer a special bonus perk for a single day for all new supporters that was specific to the show. Something small and dumb- in my case it was a personalized apocalypse-themed compliment for every new donor, no matter how small the amount. I’ve also given out unique GIFs from the show/pitch video (you can make them on GIPHY if you aren’t a GIF-er) for new donors, or made quick personalized thank you videos on my phone. Something super small branded as a “FOR TODAY ONLY!” bonus perk.

You can also pretend you have a matching donor (it’s really just you) so that for every donation that day up to a certain amount, this anonymous matching donor will match it. Thus every $5 donated becomes $10, etc. You’ll have to put your own money down for that, but you’ll get it back at the end of the campaign and sometimes you need to inject your own investment to make it seem like it’s back to life.

I will also say that the mid campaign slump is a real, and super scary thing, but most of your donations, statistically, will come in the first few days and the last few days. So don’t panic quite yet.

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If they haven’t donated yet, it’s totally fair to just send slightly altered emails/FB messages just saying “hey, we still have $x to go before we meet our goal, and we’d love it if you contributed!”

Maybe you could also ask people for feedback? “If you haven’t contributed yet, is there a perk or incentive we can add to make it more appealing? Crowdfunding is a partnership, not an exchange of services, and we want to hear from you!”

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I really like that - crowdfunding is a partnership!

All the advice I’ve read on crowdfunding campaigns says to avoid words like “Donate” and use “contribute” or “join our community” so that fits right in.

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Thanks for all the advice!

I think i will try offering like videos of encouragement for a day maybe? Like donate any amount and get a snapchat from a member of the cast or crew or something like that??

And i will try making gifs with the clips we’ve films already that sounds good!

Yeah mid-campaign slump is really scary. I’m really worried about it.

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Considering doing the matching donation for next week! Just curious though am i supposed to tell people for every 5 dollars they donate we’ll match it, or do I just anonymously match their donation to make it seem like it’s moving quicker??

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So there are a few ways you can do this… not exactly scam… but not exactly entirely truthful thing. Basically, you claim there’s an anonymous donor (not you guys) who is really excited about your project and is offering to match all incoming donations for a particular period of time (be that a day, two days, 36 hours, etc). So tell people if they’ve been hesitant to donate because they don’t think their $5 will go very far, now’s the best time to throw into the pot, because your incredibly generous matching donor will double it!

You’re basically making people think that your campaign is something special because this semi-rich person is acting as your temporary patron, it gives them a concrete deadline and reason to donate any amount of money no matter how small, and it injects a bit of urgency and excitement to your mid campaign slump.