How To Get The RIGHT Investor For Your Film/Web Series

Most people think that all investment has stop and for many investors that is true. But the industry isn’t going to shut down and money will become available, so I want to arm you with this information as things begin to open up.

We got $2.5M for our film from the WRONG investor and it literally almost killed me. Then we got way less for the next project from the RIGHT investor and we ended up selling that project to Sam Raimi at Sony.

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In this video I cover:

  • How to identify the right investor
  • Which questions to ask them that close the deal
  • Which investors you need to run away from while screaming at the top of your lungs
  • How to negotiate with investors when you do get in the room with them
  • Where to find ‘right-fit” investors for your project

While this video is directed at the film community is very much applies to the web series world as well.

In the end, the right investor can be the difference between making a film that people actually see or making a very expensive paper weight.

I’d love to hear your investor stories. Write a comment or DM me letting me know about your investor horror stories and investor victories as a way of helping other creators walk a smother path.