How to Handle Rejection


(Bri Castellini) #21

Haha well Relativity is one I produced but didn’t create (it’s amazing & created by my Sam and Pat co-star Chris Cherry- definitely check it out!!). I have technically only had two web series (with three seasons across them) and one short film so far, and all have been made in the last three years so post-knowing-what-the-heck-i-was-doing thankfully, largely because I hired smarter people than me to help lol.

(Amen J.) #22

Love this thread! And timely too, it’s that time of year…I did a YouTube video recently on this topic, on my latest rejections and yes, it’s interesting to me no one talks in-depth about it, even though most of us are regularly going through it:

(Chris Hadley) #23

@Bri_Castellini I have submitted my show to one web series festival (which I did not get into), and to a local film festival, who I’m still waiting to hear from. While the rejection was disappointing, I didn’t take it personally in any way. I don’t feel that the fact that my show was rejected was a reflection of the quality of my work, or of my talents and abilities.

I believe that it comes down more to the fact that every festival gets a number of submissions, and there will always be shows that get left out for one reason or another. I’m not in any way stressing over this, and I take every rejection to be as much a part of the filmmaking experience as every acceptance. You can always learn from both.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #24