How To Make a Teaser: A Simple, Effective Technique

(Anthony Ferraro) #1

Hello, I’m Anthony Ferraro, creator director of the soon to be released web series Galactic Galaxy and I do a weekly Sci-Fi “How To” Blog Create Sci-Fi with plenty of informative videos and articles.

I think you’ll find this weeks tutorial helpful, I explain the benefits of a short image/music driven teaser for your film or video project. I take you through my process step by step.

(Gordon McAlpin) #2

Very cool! Thank you for making this.

(Anthony Ferraro) #3

For sure happy to help!

(Mark Mainolfi) #4

Awesome video, you make this look like a lot of fun! I like that you mentioned that invoking mystery and a call to action are important elements of a teaser. I wonder what else could be important. Maybe an intriguing character, a fantastic world, or just the tone of the show. It would seem like capturing the tone would be difficult without the original score.

(Anthony Ferraro) #5

Great point Mark. It is my working hypothesis with the teaser that you are starting from zero. All I want is for people to say whoa wait what was that ? And offer up more once the teaser has run for a while and I have engagement and interest. Then I set the tone with a proper trailer. For me the teaser is just me in the back of the crowded social media room waving my hand saying hey have a look over here. Once all eyes are on me then a more involved offering. I could be wrong about that but its how I’ve been working it.