How To Network With Web Series Buyers

(Alex Le May) #21

Thank you brother! Glad it helped. The fact is, talent and productions skills are super important, but it’s the business skills that allow filmmakers to do it for a lifetime. Keep creating, my friend!

(Evie Marie Warner) #22

I appreciate that sentiment. But I’m actually fine with someone else writing the pitches. I have my handsful. I am often times do everything. I’m the producer, the writer and the director. . And the project suffers because of it, in my opinion. I might schedule an appointment with you in the near future, b/c these are still things I need to know about pitches, etc. I’ve barely had tim to write the series bible. I am editing a film, working 32 hours a week, I have call backs this week for the webseries I’m doing. The fact of the matter is, if I want it done right, I gotta find some body else. After making around films, in four years, I have learned what some of strengths are and writing a pitch is not something I can do. I have to draw the line some where b/c I can’t do everything anymore. Indie filmmakers try to be a jack of all trades, and the results aren’t always that great. I just my opinion.