I Don't Understand Facebook Watch? Anyone Share Their Web Series On Facebook?

(Anthony Ferraro) #1

Hello Fellow Creators,

I am at the point I want to explore sharing my web series beyond Youtube. The easiest version of that was to simply share it on Vimeo. Done, easy that was straightforward. But Facebook & Facebook watch? I am scratching my head. I am a pretty capable person I run all my own media sites & social media and in fact advise other people on this stuff so imagine my shame & perplexion(is that a word?) in not being able to figure out Facebook Watch so I humbly ask you all #1 what the heck is facebook watch #2 How do I get my show up on there #3 am I ignoring the fact that by in fact even writing this that it is a sign that it’s probably not worth it

Any help, advice stories of experience with this would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Anthony

(Bri Castellini) #2

There was actually recently a Facebook Watch thread! Find that here:

tl;dr Facebook Watch specifically isn’t available to everyone, and Facebook videos in general are dubious about their view counting. But if you’re hoping to promote on Facebook (whether or not you’re uploading full videos), native video is your only real chance. Whether that’s full episodes OR natively uploaded teasers with links to full elsewhere

(Anthony Ferraro) #3

thx for the thread link!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #4

Given the revelation that FB grossly inflated their video numbers, which caused companies to pivot to and then fire everyone off of video content, I’m hesitant to really engage with FB video on any level. And FB Watch will never be available to me…so…

(Anthony Ferraro) #5

Yeah I am feeling better about not being up to snuff on it. It just seems like something is off with it. I feel I’ve done my due diligence so moving on. Next stop , Amazon Video Direct. Going to investigate that. Thx!

(Laura Pepper) #6

Although I haven’t used FB watch, I have recently used FB ads to promote a couple of things. I had a local premiere for my feature, which definitely got eyeballs outside my friends’ circles.

More recently, I promoted a Date-o-Rama episode I tied into National Cat Day. I spent next to nothing & got a couple dozen pairs of eyeballs to check it out - running the ad for only 3 days, max $20.

I had originally posted the link to my “Peppered Productions” and “Stuff and Nonsense” FB pages, and took FB up on its ad credit to boost it. I’m not good at marketing, so I definitely didn’t use this to full advantage.

(Evie Marie Warner) #7

I know someone was who was abke to get Facrbook watch. But not sure how.