I want your advice on our poster!

(Wyn Hopkins) #1

Hey Guys,

I’m new here and wanted to get you’re opinion on our promotional photos of a web series we’re filming in the next few weeks.

The series is called ’ Snap '. Originally was an idea that my friend came up with, we’re both actors and we just want to keep acting and are fed up of waiting on other people to cast us. So we decided to make our own stuff. We have a crew ready to film but wondered when we get it edited where would be best to share ? We’re doing it for fun because we love acting and film but would really like it to get onto a platform if it interested people. Or funded so we can pay people.

I’m running ahead of myself I know but I’m really excited for this and to share with this awesome community. I will be making my way around the forum and engaging but for now I leave you with these images and synopsis. Please feel free to share the feedback.

Thank you


’ When the oldest of two brothers is told he only has four months left to live he snaps going mad. After some persuading the brothers decide to become the vigilante super hero’s they always loved reading about together. Killing as many bad people as they can on a murderous road trip that doesn’t seem to have any ending in sight. ’

(I’ve attached links to Facebook page and IMDB because I’m only allowed to upload one image)

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(Herman Wang) #2

I like these for the most part. The landscape and square posters are sharp and eye-catching. The portrait one obscures the costumes behind the car, and for me the costumes are what should be front and center.

(Wyn Hopkins) #3

Thanks for that :). Appreciate that feedback. How do you feel about the name ?

(Herman Wang) #4

I suppose it’s catchy and fitting but you’re going to have a tough time getting a single common word to stand out in any Internet search, not to mention getting social media account handles.

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(Wyn Hopkins) #5

Very true, but there’s films out there currently with single word as the name. E.G Hitch, but i realise its Will Smith so will get is own attention.