If you struggle with your filmmaking career – watch this!

If you struggle with your filmmaking career, WATCH THIS VIDEO. In this video, I explain the one change I made that allowed me to sell almost $12M of web series content in just under five years. I go on a bit of a tare, I must warn you.

If you struggle to get your work seen, I get it. However, there is a huge misconception about how a financially and artistically sustainable career gets built in the twenty-first century.


It goes something like this, I’m going to max out my credit cards or borrow money from friends and family and make my opus. It’ll take me a year and while I make it, I’m going to keep my head down and get to work.

When I’m finished, I’ll post it on YouTube, announce it on Facebook and Twitter for a few weeks and BANG, an audience will discover it because it’s awesome.

Because people found it and shared it and loved it I’ll get recognized by the right person, preferably a studio head or a muckity-muck producer and I’ll get hired to direct a multi-million-dollar feature.

It happens, yes. Maybe twice a year. Let me give a statistic, and I couldn’t believe it when I read this…. over 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That number is f’ing mind-numbing.

So, with two weeks of posting to social media, the expectation is that hundreds of thousands of people are going to discover my film in all that madness. People, I see this ALL the time.

In this video, I explain the NEW WAY. It requires a lot from a filmmaker, it almost broke me in half, but it made my career. A career that is more predictable, a career where I have choice.

If you’re a working filmmaker and looking to make the change from never-ending gig-work to making the content you want to be known for, I’d love to hear from you.