If You're A Filmmaker And Need Inspiration - WATCH THIS!

As a filmmaker, inspiration is our ultimate calling, but the winds of inspiration aren’t always blowing and we don’t always know where to find it. This happened to me recently. My life’s dream of becoming a working filmmaker having been realized years back had become a job. After years of non-stop travel, long days in production and post and a series of life changes, I was having trouble getting motivated and inspired.

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This career of ours is filled with long stretches of hearing “NO”, projects falling through and complex co-workers that have us wondering whether this is all worth it. It’s during these times that I have to ask myself why I continue to dedicate my energy to a lifestyle that, on a good day, can seem fraught with obstacles.

This is when I have to take a huge step back and ask myself why I do this and what it means for me to continue. Over my almost two decades career, this same feeling of exhaustion and emotional fatigue has arisen periodically as it does with anyone who has dedicated their life to telling stories. I know from previous experience that in these times of questioning and feeling disheartened, I need to do something. I need to take action and take stock around what gives filmmaking and my greater life its purpose.

So I decided I was going to look back (which I rarely do) and rediscover the earliest moments when I knew I wanted to become a filmmaker. What I found out forced me to take an unflinching look at where I’ve come from and what adventure it has spawned.

So in that effort, the result was this video. I made it as a reminder to myself that no matter the emotional rollercoaster I hop on from time-to-time, if I just keep showing up, the miracle of a huge saga emerges simply because I pick up a camera every day.

If you know anybody who is feeling this way, share this video and maybe it will inspire them to tell their great story.

I’d love to hear how you keep yourself inspired as a creator. Share a story, a technique. Anything you think will help all of us keep making the best work we have in us.

As always, keep creating.


Thanks so much for sharing, Alex!

Always a pleasure! Thanks for all you guys do!

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