IN SEARCH OF: Bars/Performance Spaces in NYC

(Bri Castellini) #1

Hey guys! I’m looking for some cheap or (fingers crossed) free locations for some shoots in the coming months, all in NYC (all boroughs welcome, though prefer to stay within Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan). I’m looking for:

  • Bars (at least 2, or one bar that can look like multiple bars depending on the angles we film from)
  • Sports bar (just 1- think “Buffalo Wild Wings”)
  • Comedy club (or any kind of performance space, preferably with a bar attached. Anywhere with a mic stand/stage area and also an area to get smashed before/after)

Also, if you have an office we can film in, that would be dope. I’m less worried about that for the moment, though.

Other details:

  • We would need access to at least one of the bars for multiple days, maybe 2-3.
  • Crew size would be about 6-8, cast size the same, plus extras. Total people probably 20 for each shoot. We are very friendly, though.

This isn’t exactly a job posting, but it’s the closest we have to a “hey I’m looking for X for a shoot” that we have thus far

(Jonathan Kaplan) #2

Triple Crown on 29th and 7th ave has a space that you totally could use. Their basement space is so what you’re looking for.

(Bri Castellini) #3