Indie film insurance?

(Emma Drewry) #1

Hi y’all! Anyone have recommendations for good (read: cheap) insurance companies for liability and workers comp in LA?

(Bri Castellini) #2

I’ve heard good things about Fractured Atlas but calling in @HackettKate @Alex_LeMay @Alicia_J_Rose and any other LA folk or otherwise who have dealt with insurance before!

(Alicia J Rose) #3

We use TCP insurance for a combo of photo/video production insurance. Not the most expensive not the least. Also some non profit film collectives provide access to their insurance if you are a member. Worth a fact finding mission if u don’t have the $$

(Emma Drewry) #4

thanks! i requested a quote from fractured atlas :slight_smile:

(Emma Drewry) #5

thank you!