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Hey all,

I have a website where I interview filmmakers called Indie Film World. I haven’t been active on it in a few years since having a baby and otherwise being occupied. But I am back at it and have done my first interview that you may be interested in as it is about marketing and distribution.

I have deleted most of the previous interviews and am taking a new approach where I pick a topic, find an expert, and interview them.

Perhaps anyone from this great forum would like to be interviewed?? that would be GREAT. Although I am in Australia :slight_smile:

Id love to hear from you.


I’d volunteer! And I know several other folks would likely be interested too- thanks so much, Olga! @CommunityMVPs

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I’d be open to it. By way of introduction, I’m the creator of The Spell Tutor, which is currently sitting at #28 in the Web Series World Cup. I’m in Toronto (EST time zone)

The things I’m most “expert” on are fandom-based marketing and low-budget VFX.


Thats so great! We could potentially have skype interviews id say, as long as the sound is good.

Hey Herman, that is great thanks!! both topics sound fantastic. I would just need to figure out how to record Skype videos as I think that may perhaps be the way around this being in different countries.

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Skype works for me

Hi Olga! Welcome to the forum! I am not sure how to pinpoint what I am an expert on, but you can check out some of the topics I’ve written about on Stareable here. Some examples are how to find a crew, how to pay that crew when you don’t have money, and other low budget strategies. I would love to expand on any of these if you’d like.

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I’m always down for being interviewed, but I’m not sure what I’m an expert on. You can check out my videos at for an idea of what I do.

Also! I recommend OBS Studio for recording Skype calls. It’s what I use anyway.

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UPDATE: ok I have a Skype recording program now which means I can start doing international interviews (as I am based in Australia).

If you are happy to be interviewed please email me at - and we can talk about our time difference lol

PS - Latest interview: YouTube (Writing and producing a feature film)


Hey @ghettonerdgirl - I love your topic of making a web series an an introvert! Maybe we can chat about that? Its probably easier to talk on email


Yep up for that, here’s the link to my Youtube channel - Rebecca Gold the series! YouTube

Excellent! I will email you!

Thanks SOO much for the interview Bri - so much good stuff right here -

If anyone would like to be interviewed and share some filmmaking knowledge please go to and fill in the contact form to request an interview.


Thank YOU for having me!