IndieWise /IndustryBoost Competition- full of crap?

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Ok so for real, how bullshit are the IndieWise Film Festival/ IndustryBOOST Competition? I submitted a few things for them a few months back (very cheap submission fee), got accepted on all fronts, and now I get like monthly emails from them that seem almost entirely designed to get me to buy airfare to Florida, a hotel, and event registration to attend one of their events. I have a suspicion every project who submits gets chosen as a “finalist” because most people aren’t going to do it so they can safely rake in the funds.

Full text of the email (I get one every couple months):

Dear Bri Castellini,

If you’re receiving this email, it is because after being part of our previous competition on IndieWise, you expressed interest in attending a physical event, in order to see your project on the big screen at the AMC Theatre in Miami, FL this August, or to pitch your script or idea to distributors and experts. If this is something you’re still interested in, then read on. If you are no longer interested, then disregard this message.

Either way, here is a link to download our Finalist Laurel. You deserve it!

*PLEASE NOTE: due to our policy and overwhelming demand, in order to secure a screening slot at AMC Theatres in Miami, FL for the Grand IndieWise Convention (AUG 24-27), please read below and confirm if you’re able to physically attend and budget all expenses. If you are able to register and attend, your status will then become “Selected”. If not, then no worries… it will remain as “Finalist”, due to you making it thus far. We wish you the best, and look forward to hearing from you.

i. What Is the IndieWise Convention?
500+ Filmmakers and Industry Professionals will be in attendance in Sunny Miami, Florida, as we provide you with 4 days of Interactive Workshops, Seminars, Screenings at AMC 24 Theatre, Networking, Pitch Sessions, a Beachfront Resort, and a Mega-Yacht Party.

ii. RULES:

  1. The project must be no longer than 18 minutes (without credits).
    Note: If your film is longer, then you can either edit it shorter, or opt to show your trailer or an exclusive clip from the film, up to 15 mins long.

Apart from your Flight and Admission Ticket, expected optional expenses would be:

  1. The designated Convention Beachfront Resort, offered at a heavily discounted rate of $89 - $99 per night, plus taxes and fees.
    (PLEASE NOTE: You are not required to stay in the designated hotel. You may stay wherever you please)
  1. Lyft or Uber Transportation OR Car Rental (if you so desire) AND Food

All-in-all, total expected budget for the entire trip should be around:

For Hotel 3-Night Stay - $380 +
a. (with Earlybird General Admission Ticket) - $100 = $480
b. (with Earlybird BOSS VIP Ticket) - $249 = $629
c. (with Earlybird ULTIMATE BOSS VIP Ticket) - $499 = $879

For Hotel 4-Night Stay - $507 +
d. (with Earlybird General Admission Ticket) - $100 = $607
e. (with Earlybird BOSS VIP Ticket) - $249 = $756
f. (with Earlybird ULTIMATE BOSS VIP Ticket) - $499 = $1006

*Check out our Official Website (Once on Site, click Register):

Instructions: Click link Above, click “Register”. In Top Right, click “Enter Promotional Code”. Apply Code. Select desired Package and Checkout!

*JOIN the Facebook Event Page:

Please do let us know ASAP, if you’d be willing and able to make it!

-The IndustryBOOST Team
(305) 999-5910

I dunno, it just always struck me as a bit off, because all three of the things I submitted got accepted immediately, and it just seems scammy. Anyone else dealt with them before?

What are some festivals you think are worth it?
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For real, though, if anyone has any experience with these guys, hit me up, because I get about four emails a day from them!