Indy TV Pilots — Financing Deals / Fundraising

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Hey everyone,

Has anyone in the community structured a deal with investors for an indy tv pilot? If so, I’d love to know how you structured the actual deal. As I get ready to get some bigger projects off the ground, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the kind of deals that are fair and most attractive to investors and creators in the indy tv space?

Thank you as always for your feedback!

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Alex did write this article which may help you:

He breaks down different fees and the standard amounts

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This article is great. I’m going to read the others he wrote related to this topic as well. I really appreciate your pointing me in the right direction.

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do you know if @Alex_LeMay project DARK JOEY is a web series or TV pilot/series? I’m curious to know how the metrics change on a larger episodic project being packaged and sold for TV?

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Hi Allen,

Thanks so much for reading my article. Glad it gave you some scope. In regards to TV, that’s a big conversation. Greenlighting for TV takes much longer. Usually the network orders a pilot based on the the project pitch, so creating a whole pilot on spec can get costly and stands a tougher road to getting picked up. There are things you need to make before getting to pilot stage. It’s probably a larger conversation than this forum thread can hold. If you want to schedule a strategy call with me, I can walk you through it. I can give you deeper insight into how TV gets bought and what information they need to make that decision if you’d like. You can schedule a call at . I look forward to connecting and again, thanks for reaching out.