Insurance for one-day shoot? ($$$$)

Just got a quote from them and they are SOOOO AFFORDABLE!! :astonished: Sending extra good vibes to you for this.

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Hey, Y’all!

It has a been a busy couple of months, and I wanted to be sure to circle back around to this and let you know what happened with this. I shot my promo and am in the process of editing right now. So many folks here gave me useful advice and hopefully my experience will help someone else. It was my first time producing under SAG-AFTRA rules & regs and things got a bit hairy (to the point where I considered hiring someone else to produce), but folks here at Stareable encouraged me to do it myself, and I did. Now I know how. Funny how that works.

After being shocked and disheartened by expensive insurance quotes, I went with super reasonably-priced, online payroll company “Wrapbook” (formerly called TakeOne) and got my workers’ comp insurance through them. It was SO EASY, and SO AFFORDABLE. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with them. The process makes me wonder why the other payroll houses are so ridiculously expensive in comparison. :thinking:

Anyhoo - I procured General Liability Insurance from Film Emporium for a fraction of the cost of other insurance companies’ quotes. Film Emporium was very responsive and made the process very simple.

Using these companies freed up about $800 for me to use elsewhere in the budget.

Were it not for the wonderful community of content creators here at Stareable I never would have known about these companies. I appreciate each and every one of you who suggested possible solutions for me.

Thank you!! :pray:t6:



I went with Film Emporium and they were GREAT! I’ve posted an update below. Than you so much for suggesting them.

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Hi Jon -

I did go with TakeOne (which has since changed their name to Wrapbook) and it was a really good experience. Thank you so much. I’ve posted an update farther down this thread.


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Glad to hear it! Keep me posted on your show. Looking forward to seeing it.
I’m in post-production myself so there are new hoops to jump over. Gotta keep climbing the mountain!

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EXACTLY! Let’s just keep going. :smile: